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  1. haven't looged on here in a while. miss this place.

  2. I hadn't realized how long it's been since I'd been here. Way too long :-(

  3. I went to Corpus Christi last sat to see Pinata Protest, which is basically norteno punk or conjunto punk.
  4. i had the greatest time at my girl in a coma show last night. my goodness. lots of singing and lots of dancing. all with my friends. and the boy. ugh. it was amazing.
  5. finally. i get to see my other favorite band. Girl in a Coma is coming down close to where i live. been needing this for months. i'm so exicted. i can't wait. Friday can't come soon enough.
  6. they were very good live. put on a good show. patrick sings pretty amazing. i miss the rmy so. i'm not sure if i can get used to this
  7. i had a fun time in houston. the show was fun, i'm not incredibly familiar with fob. but i sang and danced, mostly danced. ha. it was interesting seeing different folks getting excited about them sort of like how i would for mcr. made me miss the boys like crazy tho
  8. FOB is this friday. anyone else going to this show in houston? i need to find stuff to do there too. no sense in wasting a trip there. i'm thinking a tour of the local brewery. idk yet.
  9. let me just say how jealous i am you got to see the original cast. lol. i adore the original cast. especially John Gallagher Jr. i've only seen the touring casts when they came to texas twice. I went a couple of times and just had to get tickets to sit on stage. almost a year ago someone was doing a production of that show down where i'm from and i auditioned. I got a call back for Martha, but didn't make the cut :/ and i never audition i'm so scared of doing that. but it was for my love of the show. ps. The character ilse is my favorite of any character in anything, aside from Moritz. but i adore her. I really wanted that part to begin with lol. but Martha is a close second.
  10. Girl in a Coma is opening for them. idk if you know them, but they are amazing. and so nice.
  11. i might just go a little further with a friend in a week and go watch San Antonio's showing of Spring Awakening. I love that musical almost as much as one of my favorite bands. i am going to see fob in houston in june. not exactly my cup of tea, but it should be fun. i wish we all knew the outcome of that pinata. i hope they beat it to pieces. i can only hope. i have hope they'll tour again one day.
  12. i'm still considering going. it's just too pricey and some friends are going out of town for another thing. i'm just not comfortable going alone. mostly cause my car and the stretch of highway from my area to that one isn't good to travel down at night alone. lots of border patrol and a check point. ugh. idk. i once was driving back from a show and a trailer was blocking the other side and was on fire. i'm currently trying to win tickets so i could just rent a car and take someone for free instead. lol.
  13. at first my friend wasn't gonna have the money cause he had to buy stuff to fix his house, then i was just gonna lend him the funds to get there with me. now one of the girls at work has to take her mom to chemo so my friend took her shift for her, which would mean he's closing that night, which she needs and i'm glad he's taking it for her. i'm still bummed cause i'm not going. i might try to anyway. i don't like traveling alone and i'd have to drive out of town to go. it sucks cause my mom gave me the money for the ticket cause that's what i wanted for my birthday.
  14. my Smashing Pumpkins show might not happen now
  15. i've been trying to read this entire topic for a while and just never get to. all i know is that this is something i'm interested in. i have a lot to catch up on. ha.
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