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  1. Just got my tickets to see Muse on St. Patricks day in Vegas! Going to be crazy!
  2. Oh man this month is the best! So glad I saw this thread The 24th - The Faint (3rd time seeing them) The 29th - Paul Banks (5th time? But only as Interpol not solo) The 30th - Falling In Reverse (a lot) and I got a VIP pass with meet and greet before the show. So nervous! All shows are at the house of blues in Vegas in the same week. Ha, I'll be there for an electronic dance band, Indie, then metal band. Awesome.
  3. Red eye radio time! (@ Beauty Bar w/ 2 others) http://t.co/fOydrZUC

  4. Who sticker bombed my car with derby culture? I love it! dollyrox #derbyculture http://t.co/dIZEKSpH

  5. Best text I have ever received, ever. "Call me. It's about nacho cheese."

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