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    Music, drumming, cats, big cats, wolves, dragons, all animals actually, music, the internet, my friends, did i mention music yet?
  1. Concerts I've been to:(all of these are detroit area shows, unless noted) Feb 28, 2007 My Chemical Romance w/ Rise Against Aug 22, 2007 Projekt Revolution w/ Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Mindless Self Indulgence, and tons of other bands May 03, 2008 Gigantour w/ Megadeth, Children of Bodom, and others Nov 23, 2008 Rise Against w/ Alkaline Trio, Thrice, and The Gaslight Anthem Feb 20, 2009 Flogging Molly w/ The Aggrolites & The Mighty Stef May 16, 2009 Blue October w/ a band from Australia Jul 13, 2010 Adam Lambert w/ Allison Iraheta and Orianthi Aug 06, 2010 Mayhem Fest w/ Rob Zombie, Korn, and tons of other bands Aug 08, 2010 Emerson Drive Aug 10, 2010 Bare Naked Ladies w/ Kris Allen Oct 15, 2010 Slayer w/ Megadeth, Anthrax Nov 06, 2010 Lights Nov 07, 2010 Black Label Society w/ Childred of Bodom, Clutch, 2 Cents Dec 17, 2010 My Chemical Romance w/ The Sick Puppies, Middle Class Rut Feb 05, 2011 Avenged Sevenfold w/ Stone Sour, Hollywood Undead, New Medicine Apr 16, 2011 My Chemical Romance w/ The Architects Jul 22, 2011 Rob Zombie & Slayer Aug 06, 2011 Mayhem Fest w/ Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, Silent Suicide and tons of other bands Aug 20, 2011 Honda Cvic Tour(Chicago) w/ Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, and Manchester Orchestra Sep 09, 2011 Uproar Fest w/ A7X, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine and many more Sep 11, 2011 Honda Cvic Tour(Detroit) w/ Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, and Matt & Kim I want to go see Lights again when she comes to town, and Hollywood Undead, and Ax7, and Panic! I missed seeing them when they were in town last month.
  2. me too! Especially since you're so amazing and positive ;) How are you doing? Life good? I'm yearning for another MCR concert. Did you apply for the hollywood bowl tickets?? You should!

  3. haha! Thank you!!! I'm glad people can't make anyone negative anymore!

  4. haha! Thank you!!! I'm glad people can't make anyone negative anymore!

  5. I've made you positive again! Hooray!! That took alot longer than expected ;)

  6. It's not much of a difference, but this widow has slightly more detail and is slightly more accurate of a blow-up if you need it:


  7. How did it go with the tickets?? What's up with the pit stuff and DTE? Do we have a pit? because it wasn't even a choice on the drop down menu :P

  8. So what happened with your tickets?? We're you able to get pit tickets? I really wanted to, but the pit wasn't even an option when I tried... this is so bizarre. Ideas about how we can do better in the general sale?

  9. it'll get easier when you get older, i didn't start going to concerts till I was 17, and now i go alot cuz I take my 17yr old friend(she's from canada, so her parents let her come down here and go to concerts if i go with her)

  10. Whenever I want to go to a concert it's like an hour drive and I have to go with my parents because I'm only 13 so I can't drive myself. :(

  11. We have an outdoor venue by me, so I like going there, lawn seats are usually cheap, and I like going to big shows like Mayhem Fest cuz you get to see alot of bands for not a lot of money.

  12. Lucky! I hardly ever get to go to concerts!

  13. I'm going to see a local band on Thursday, but I'm for sure gong to Mayhem Fest in Aug, and might be going to see Slayer in July

  14. Yea Frank just has the most energy ever! Who is the next concert your going to for?

  15. I think I want to be on Franks side, I love watching him go crazy and I love watching Mikey play too, but it was nice watching ray play. I can't wait for them to come back!! I've got to wait till July/Aug for my next concerts.

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