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  1. If you want please vote for Green Day they're losing big time from a shitty band. http://www.mtv.com/content/news/2012/musical_march_madness_2012/matches/mmm_2012_final_match.jhtml

  2. Hey thanks for the add :)

  3. kwnstadina!k egw xairomai p vlepw alla atoma apo ellada!nomiza oti hmuna monh m :P

  4. Nai ellada!!!Xairomai pou vlepw k allous ellines edw!ti kaneis?pws se lene?

  5. I'm from the most retarded town in the entire state of Washington, where no one likes MCR and I have almost no friends. :D I hate my town.

  6. Hi!Ha Ha!Yeah we are very cool:P

    Yeah there are many girls here!where are you from?

  7. AHA! A GUY! How rare! Why is it that almost everyone here is a girl? Some times I wish that I were a guy... guys are pretty cool.

  8. that's awesome!

    no, unfortunately I don't :/

  9. No :(

    They've never been in my country.Neither Green Day...At least 30STM are coming in athens and maybe i will go and see them.

  10. yes, I saw them just 1-2 weeks ago, so awesome! :)

    have you seen them?

  11. Oh it's ok then...Have you ever seen mcr live?

  12. yes, I think I have, but I never use it.. :S

  13. Greece!Do you have msn?

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