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  1. i need a hug real bad :/

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    2. ailooveg.w


      LOL.. Thanks I feel alot better now thanks to you <3 It's the end of class now so going maybe when I get home tonight :) <3

    3. SulfurSiren


      Good, I'm glad to hear it helped! I know nights were always my worst enemy when I was at my lows; So when I saw your posts, it just made me want to reach out to you, even though we haven't talked previously. I'm really glad that it was able to help and that you know you can always send me a line if you need a listening ear. Have a safe trip home from class and a good rest of your night/ day/ wherever you are

    4. ailooveg.w


      Lol same to you :)Thats the thing with us. It doesnt matter if you know each other, we all love each other :)

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