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  1. Lol, I was just telling Isil about the most random coincidence, I had to decorate my office at work yesterday for my boss's 60th birthday & one of my friends said she was glad she wasn't there when I was doing it cos she's scared of balloons. Then today I saw an interview where Gerard says he's nervous of balloons popping. I can now tell my friend she's in good company! :) x

  2. we had a birthday party at work yesterday & I had to decorate the office with balloons and banners, my friend said she was glad she wasn't there when we were doing it as she was scared of balloons. Today I saw an interview where Gerard was saying he was nervous of balloons. It made me smile, cos now I can tell her she's in good company! lol xo

  3. seriously, i could be same that i'm loging everyday and password is same on every site :-P


  4. I also just ordered my Sing It For Japan t-shirt :)

  5. Yes I'm here! It's a bit of a nightmare to figue out but I'll try to come on regularly! What do you think to the Sing It For Japan video? xo

  6. I just voted for the MCRmy! You should too!

  7. Ladies, it literally has taken 45 minutes and a password re-set to find my way back here! xo

  8. I was same at first! xo

  9. yeah Laura is here =)

    I am confused by this whole thing as well

  10. Hi hun, nice to see you too, I find this site quite difficult to get my head round though! xx

  11. nice to see you!! xo

  12. 'How the hell do you work this thing'. That's what's on my mind!

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