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  1. I totally understand hun! It's not good you have got a cold :( Hope you get well very soon!

    I'm doing well thanks :) Have been spending a lot of time with my family lately, so I haven't been here that much myself, but for late evenings. It's really different to living by myself xD

    I added you on fb :D

  2. Hey sweetie!

    I know sorry for not being around here that much lately! I've been really busy with work & sleeping & now I'm coming down with the worst cold ever D:

    How are you hun? Did you have a good weekend/beginning of the week?

    I'm pm'ing you my fb addy btw!


  3. Hi hun! :D I haven't talked with you for a while, how are you? Have you been up to anything special lately?

  4. haha, tänkte nästan det!

    Nope, fast jag såg dem i danmark den 15e :D

    ahaa, mina kompisar var där ;) de var asgrymma live!! :D

  5. Ja klart, missar dom aldrig när dom väl är här :) Va du också där? Så jäkla skönt att dom flyttade från hovet till anexet btw^^,

  6. haha, eller hur!

    Såg du mcr när de var i sthlm i mars? :D

  7. Oh fan coolt, känns som om det inte finns några svenskar här typ =P

  8. Ahh, cool! i'm from a really small place like an hour from helsingborg in skåne xD

  9. Hey :)

    I'm from Stockholm, where are you from?

  10. Hey :D just out of curiosity.. where from sweden are you? :)

  11. Look out Tumblr-verse here I come! evilthekitty.tumblr.com Follow me and I'll follow back<3

  12. Rain hail and thunder, the weather is fucking awesome right now!

    1. rachiiekilljoy14


      I want some thunder in the uk :/

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