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  1. HellooooOOOOooooOOOOooo

  2. The boards are being iffy. =/

  3. Word. I'll keep that in mind the next time this madness happens!
  4. When we report spam and it's like 5 posts in a row in the same thread, do we report all of them or is one enough?
  5. I went back to The Silmarillion. I really should finish it....I mean, I did borrow it from my boyfriend like 2 or so years ago. =/
  6. Whoa. Hold up. Animated .GIFs don't work as avatars? wat Edit: Whoa! Layout change! Very nice. Looks like the old one. I think the light grey font on the white might still be iffy for peeps, though.
  7. Ugh. Spam guests. It's most definitely the I.P. Board thing. If you change your theme to that one, you'll notice that the layout is similar to this one. I think the theme got changed and the only things that stayed were the customizations...which I think were more like colours and graphics.
  8. Mine was too. I just reuploaded it.
  9. =o Am I the only person that doesn't mind it?
  10. Egads! Now my only concern is my avatar... HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN GERARD AND SETH GREEN? Also
  11. WHOA. Hahaha. I can see my profile picture on the board listing! THIS IS THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA.

    1. Sanity


      Dawn of a new era = no more bawls from me. xD

  12. I'm gonna hate myself in the morning for staying up so late. Ugh. BAWLS.

    1. Sanity


      I was right. Gah.

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