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  1. As famous as the great Kevin I.

  2. Dewd you're from Seattle! Washington friends :D

  3. #SingitforSniper. Myka is in my prayers.

  4. My Chemical Romance Welcomes You to the Black Parade :D

  5. My new avatar is a gif. Not sure I like.

  6. Oh gawd that is a scary thought...

  7. True true, I better keep things on the down low...I didn't realize they might have spies here :/

  8. SHHHHHHHH you dont want the daily mail starting MCRmy world domination rumors!!!!!! hehe

  9. haha I feel semi-important/cool now! Yay! >:D Dominating the world one step at a time, I mean--What?

  10. you always think my comments are funny so you're my new bestfriend :D

  11. Hey thanks for the add :D

  12. Hey, thanks for the add :)

  13. guyzguyzguyz I made it to cadet woohoo!

  14. Nice, I was born in Sacremento

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