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    MCR, first of all.. ILOVEE acting, dancing, singing, painting, drawing, taking pictures.... everyhting that has to do with art.... Im a freak at school, i dont where black clothes (all the time) ilove converse. And i love the people (not all the people, but most)
  1. Maybe we can talk about it and plan something awesome! (:

  2. It's okay, I haven't really stayed in touch either. =P

    I dunno man, it just kind of fell apart, a couple people still want to do it. Maybe in a while. XD

  3. The awkward moment when you dedicate a MCR song to the wrong person

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      :0 uhhh ohh Kinda like when you dedicate Mama to ur mom...

    2. KobraKidLover13


      Woah that's awesome I'm too chicken to do that XD I want to have an awkward moment like that :D

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Im so sorry for no staying in touch, I've been busy so I didnt entered to the page! How are you doing with the series proyect?

  5. BOY, sorry for taking so long to reply, I somehow (wtf) missed your comment. You're in HIGH SCHOOL??? You know what I call the high schoolers at my school? 1.) Devil worshipers 2.) the monsters with facial hair. I HATE THEM! But just the ones at my school. My school SUUUCKS. Why can't they put their highschoolers in a separate building from us junior high-ers?

  6. Dudes! i won a shortfilms' constest with MCR's sing it for japan song as soundtrack! I couldnt believed it

    1. KBell6


      Congratulations! Yay! :D

  7. Well well, i've been very busy dude!! I've got this play where my roll is important! i feel so proud of my self :') but 'ive spent alot of time on it and exams!! I had exams and twwo weeks later i had them again! Its terrible! you have to enjoy yourlife while you have it! really, high school is aweful, i love it!! but its aweful!!

  8. I've got an idea but i dont know if you'll like it, later on i'll send you an inbox telling what it is. XD

  9. We've started filming, but it's a little bit on hold right now for some reasons, what do you want to do? =)

  10. WHOOOAAA IT'S YOU! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How's it going down in where ever you live?

  11. Facebook didn't notify me about the request and I was replying to your message, so it took me a little while to accept the request. I'm looking forward to talking on facebook! :)

  12. I just added you to my friends' list on facebook. The little duck! LOL.. I've miss you!Im sorry for not beiing on line! promise We'll talk soon.. I've got lots of stuff to tell you!! LY.

  13. Hey dude! I was wondering if you made the Killjoy series proyect!!?? If you havent but you are going to, I want to help! just let me know what's you're idea and I'll help you! n_n

  14. I can send you my facebook later in a message thing?

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