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  1. LFI

    Tour Faq

    The guys bus pulled out about 20 minutes BEFORE Blink's set ended in Des Moines.
  2. LFI

    Entitlement Issues?

    That's what I got out of it. For everytime I've stuck around and met a band, there is another time when I left meeting no one. It's part of the crapshoot you take when you CHOOSE to wait after a show.
  3. LFI

    Entitlement Issues?

    That has to be the largest crowd I've ever been in where anyone in a band came out and I've met a LOT of bands. We were extremely fortunate that night. That being said, it only takes an idiot or two in a group to ruin it for everyone. I started getting a little nervous when the chick next did the awful "I love you Gerard" a few times. I don't think he heard it, but it's usually those types who chase musicians away when they do try to come around.
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