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    MCR :) I play Varisty Softball at my school, which is an advanced studies school, so I guess you could say studying too! I love reading, music, and traveling :)
  1. The show last night was amazingggggggggggg.

  2. Woke up about an hour ago... For school. Makeup done a little early, sonithought I would pop in and say good morning!

  3. Good night :) Sleep safe in the zones, which in my case is the burbs of North Florida, so I think I'm good.

  4. I am officially THE WHITEST PERSON ALIVE. My friend told me to spit, and I was like, "that's disgusting!", and he said "no, rap you retard!"

  5. Add me! Tell me your favorite song?

    1. wickedawesome


      i dont know either im not okay or desert song...too many amazing songs in general!

    2. VivaLaRomance


      Desert Song is so beautiful, it just makes your heart swell when you hear it <3

  6. This is The Best Day Ever- Every hour on the hour.

  7. Hey everyone :) Spring break here in Atlantic Beach, catching up on AP Euro hw :(

  8. Hey everyone! Long time removed from the MCR world, I have been so busy. Glad to be back! How is everyone?

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