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    My Chemical Romance, Professional Wrestling (Cody Rhodes, Kane, CM Punk, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor), Animal Crossing, Anime.
  1. I saw your avatar and I laughed really hard, soooooooo I thought I'd comment on its wonderfulness.

  2. I like how we're each other's first friends on our profiles! <3

  3. Hi! :D Just thought I'd drop a bit of love on your page! I actually think we might've met in line at the December show! I was like third in line and I think you're friends with Carrie? lol Anyways, I'm Haleigh! :D

  4. Noooo! You must be on the boards daily! ;p

  5. Oh my gosh, LOL. Thanks? Thankfully I have a little bit more of a social life these days. XD

  6. May sound creepy, but I totally remember you back at the old site, I just remember you posted alot and you were onlin like ALL THE TIME! XD xoxo

  7. Such an adorable kitty cat! :3

  8. Well, I for one LOVE your username. Bob was, dare I say, my favorite MCR member.

  9. Hi ! I read your post about meeting them , its so cool . You are soooo Lucky :)

    I wish I can meet them too :3

  10. Aahhhh, it's good to be back. :']

    1. killallurfriends


      Yep I know the feeling

  11. I love the MCRmy <3

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