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  1. God, I want some chocolate...

    1. ChemicalParanoia


      I swear I alwxys have a craving for chocolate towards the end of the day.

      It can't be healthy. o. o

    2. LivingImparedKilljoy
  2. Okay, now I know why I'm so happy! Cuz I Just ordered Bullets! :D

  3. I'm really happy, for no reason at all! :)

  4. Me and mom are going to Stockholm on saturday, and then I'm gonna look for Three Cheers! :)

    1. ZombieKid


      you fuckin' live in stockholm babe! x)

      but don't even try to buy MY bullets!! I gonna... no, I'm not gonna kill u, but anyway, don't buy it! :P

  5. I've listened to Three Cheers really loud on the computer all day, so no one would hear me cry ...

    1. Guest


      Mrow :C

    2. ZombieKid


      All my fuckin' love to you, if you promise me to not ever be that sad again, it fuckin' hurts when you call me and cry... :(

  6. Skicka den Djvla keyboardBilden till mig nu!

    och ja, jag skriver på svenska, för jag är konstig och bryr mig inte! Deal with it! :P

  7. I'm really mad, cuz my mom wont let me buy one of the killjoy jackets...

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    2. CobraKid


      I mean that they might help you order..

    3. WeAreTheBlackParade


      I don't think so... They're only gonna talk to my parents, who will say no... So I guess I'm not gonna get a jacket...


    4. CobraKid
  8. haha, Do i need to say "thank's for the add"? :P

  9. I really need to buy Three Cheers... I was going to buy it last friday, but my friend bought the last one...

    1. nuclear_damage_13


      That happens to me, but with Bullets, ALL the time D:

    2. ZombieKid


      haha, It's mine now! XD

      No, but seriously, we gonna find another, or we gonna make bengans buy another to you! :)

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