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  1. There is an ancient Facebook group that we set up years ago: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303639429805216/
  2. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  3. Nor have I. I'm on a few forums and they're lovely but none as as fun as here!
  4. I think I did, yeah. I miss it too, Brinn, but bar a reunion I can't see it getting busy again here, ever.
  5. I'm hoping to go in September or November but I don't know if I'll be able to. We'll see...
  6. Kerry, you have to do this, you'd be brilliant at it! Let me know if you want any advice about websites, digital marketing etc. How did your meeting go? Happy (very late) new year everyone! 2019 has so far been absolutely nothing of the creatively colourful killjoy-esque party I thought it would be in 2010. It's been 89% shite but we're only in February, so, fingers crossed...
  7. I got a message telling me it's unavailable? God can you imagine what that feature would have been like in 2011
  8. That's so odd. If they ever want to interview you again, RUN FOR THE HILLS. Ayy it's nice to hear you had a good time! I am currently waiting for a phone call and it does not look like it will happen. HURRY UP I WANT TO GET UP FROM MY CHAIR BUT IF I MOVE MY PHONE MIGHT RING
  9. In other kind of adult news, I am booking my first solo trip away! I've sorted the flights and some accommodation, I just need to make sure I have enough euros...
  10. That's great! Ugh the term 'thesis' sounds SO ADULT.
  11. All those numbers and spreadsheets... I'm much more of an essay person. I'm better with words haha! Get well soon! Migraines are the worst.
  12. Good luck! The term 'empirical study' makes me nervous haha
  13. Oh my god get off the Internet go go go Good luck!!!
  14. Guys I just submitted my final essay for my university course and I'm terrified I've missed something or thrown in a huge typo but I'm also really relieved ugh I need a cup of tea.
  15. One of my best friends just got engaged and bought a house, it's ridiculous. Will 100% go alone haha!
  16. I know, it hasn't been this busy for ages! I think I've been an MCR fan for 12 years at the end of this year... I swear to god I am still 12 years old though?! In other news, I have been writing an essay on a Picasso mural for my university course and I had forgotten that a) writing essays can be therapeutic and b ) there are not enough synonyms in the universe for the word 'furthermore'. I am so, so rock n roll.
  17. I know! I first posted on here back when I was doing my GCSEs... non-Brits, that's what you do when you're 16. Now I'm 22. Since I met you guys I've moved, finished school, gone backpacking, had about 5 jobs and dyed my hair approximately 80 times, but in my head I've only been on this site about 3 years!
  18. I feel like there's a definite Potter-themed pet trend... Also, slightly unrelated, there was a TV show on the other day and a guy had a chihuahua called Fang. If I ever get a Doberman or something, I'm calling it Fluffy.
  19. I know someone on the internet has a tortoise called Voldetort... Also not as funny but two of my dogs accidentally had the same name as the Flintstones, Fred and Barney, which is cute. Our other dog is called Adonis, like the myth, though, so I think the next animal is going to have to be called Narcissus or some shit.
  20. I think that's what it'll be, but that's actually really nice and chill, kind of low key and relaxing as opposed to everyone trying to have a good time?
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