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  1. I think I'll wait until I'm on holiday or somewhere I can properly focus and sink my teeth into it. You can do itttt Still reading Pandora's Jar, but I reread The Scorpio Races over the weekend. I'd forgotten how lovely it is, even though the main topic is flesh eating water horses... 10/10 excellent fantasy read, I would go there on holiday.
  2. I started Rebecca a a while ago but couldn't get into it (it was me, not the book). My brother was named after one of the characters so I really feel I ought to haha
  3. I think you should see where it goes, then. It doesn't sound as though you currently live in each other's pockets, and if you end up becoming closer then just deal with that as it happens!
  4. EXACTLY. 3 500 page novels in a day? Holy shit, I thought I read fast. Currently reading Pandora's Jar by Natalie Haynes
  5. Hmmmm. I generally say 'don't do it' or 'proceed with caution' because if/when things go wrong, there can be lots of complications and more hurt feelings than if you weren't colleagues. That being said, if you really, really like this guy, there's nothing wrong with following your feelings. We're allowed to be happy, right? I'd say maybe assess where you are as friends? Lots of colleagues can also be very close friends. And if you're very close friends, then you never know where that could lead?
  6. I think once you love a book, you probably have some level of love for it forever. I reread the Percy Jackson series last year and it was like getting a hug... I'm about 10 years older than the target age group but honestly who cares.
  7. I've never read anything of hers except the Twilight series, is it any good?
  8. Hahaaaa you never know, someone might be waiting for it with baited breath!
  9. Didn't you start that ages ago?! I can't claim the high ground, though, I started reading a Plato book back in November and still. Have not. Finished it.
  10. I had forgotten these! I wasn't in the fandom back then and I remember learning about all the fan stuff and being so impressed/jealous haha.
  11. Seconding Sonia. I can't even remember what the rules are other than 'no private lives' and 'don't be rude.?!
  12. Happy new year! Wishing everyone... yeah, a better year. 'Not 2020', ha.
  13. Okay so it took me a minute but here are the t-shirt and bag, plus other band merch and fandom stuff: https://www.depop.com/probablynotvintage/
  14. Merry Christmas! Or happy whatever you celebrate even if it's just a day off work!
  15. Treat yourself, Kerry, you deserve it. I don't mean buy something for Simba either, I love him but you deserve some fancy dinners and-okay I can't think of a nice experience in a pandemic that that isn't food.
  16. Hey hey. Haven't got off my bum to take photos yet but I'm selling a couple of MCR pieces that deserve a new home: First is this banging lil reversible shoulder/tote bag (that's not my listing, I just haven't got photos yet haha). Had it for years but it's not my style so it's not getting enough use! I used it with the grey side out, so there are some marks that I'll try to wash out this weekend. The black side is in mint condition pretty much. Second is this GWay Warm and Fuzzy t-shirt (also not my listing) it came with the Hesitant Alien CD/zine bundle in 2014. The decal's obviously a little worn but it's still very bright and cute. Size small (kinda long and loose on 5'1" size 10 me). Both items obviously have wear so I'm asking £5 each. Free UK postage, but I can't afford to do free international postage I'm afraid. When I take some pictures I'll chuck them up on Depop as well (probably this weekend). Otherwise happy to do PayPal etc. I've also got some Mindless Self Indulgence stuff I'll probably put up if anyone's interested!
  17. Yeah, definitely don't go alone under any circumstances. MCR fans are lovely, but I think that stadium seats 30,000 people and they won't all be, you know, decent humans. Do you have a ticket? I thought they'd sold out? If you have your ticket(s), find yourself a responsible adult and then think about logistics and the costs of getting there and back. I'm planning to pay for it by scraping together all my spare cash and under-the-bed change and maybe selling my car. Kidding. I'm selling my car for other reasons. I don't know the lower age limit but maybe try YouGov? I've made decent(ish) pocket money doing online surveys over the years. I have a referral code thingy for there if you want to PM me? Otherwise, eBay/Depop/FB Marketplace your old stuff, with your parents' blessing and watchful eye of course.
  18. Hi! Welcome to the boards. I'm Francesca. They're kind of quiet at the moment but I think once the tour happens there'll be more noise.
  19. Oooh it'll be all *atmospheric*. I studied Hardy for a bit in school, did not love him. Probably would feel differently now I'm not required to write essays comparing his poetry to Ted Hughes' poetry...
  20. Hahaha I do love a period novel. Some of them barely make sense to native English speakers...
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