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  1. Hahaaaa Johnny Depp in Norweigen sounds epically terrible. I'm used to English with English subs because my dad is quite deaf, but thankfully that is just captions. I'm hoping to do religion, philosophy and ethics. Lots of thinking and book material! Fingers crossed they let me in... this is the third time I've applied for uni and each time has been ridiculously complicated and soul destorying... and that's just the admin.
  2. I have assessments for the course I'm doing. I was meant to start a business degree this year, but it got cancelled for the year and was going to run next year. So I deferred for this year and am doing a diploma in business for the year instead (hence the assessments). I still had my place at the business degree for 2021, but I've changed my mind about what I want to study and where I want to go... so I emailed the uni people declining my business degree. Even though I've changed my mind about what I want to do, it was really daunting declining the place I had. Also I need to learn closed captions, sorry! I don't know how? And I have no recording equipment to make myself clearer. I will work on it!
  3. I know right. HAND ME THE DRUGS. Ugh I just officially declined my university place so I can apply to somewhere else to study something else. Why am I suddenly so nervous ahhh
  4. At least you can get tested! The system here is a nightmare, they're nearly impossible to get unless you're booked for surgery or already in hospital. If you think you have it, you just have to isolate.
  5. I know right. My pandemic has been defined by long periods of reading alongside Really Intense Bursts of Horrendous Stress. I'm very lucky that no one I know has been long-term ill though.
  6. Aw thanks, I always think I look cross eyed or wonky eyed in glasses, but that might be because I am terrible at taking pictures. Oh god I live for the free face mask days!
  7. Good for you. I like contacts but they annoy me, I can't use them on a computer (so most days they're pointless) and they are so expensive!
  8. Oh wow that's huge Sonia! How are your eyes now? I wear glasses, my eyesight's bad enough I'm not allowed to drive without glasses but not so bad that I've considered surgery. It would be nice to not worry about face masks steaming up though!
  9. Hey! I just bypassed the SSL thing as well. Maybe someone at Warner forgot to turn auto-renew on... I'm well, I'm really tired because it was my first week back after a holiday last week, then it was my birthday on Saturday and I actually got to ~socialise with a group~ and today was my induction at college so I'm ready to crawl into bed and never leave. In a good way?
  10. Hey! I feel like it's been a million years since I was last here? Timestamp says one calendar month for this thread, but.
  11. Read The Silence of the Girls last week. Not gonna lie, I'd hoped for a bit more conversation about/by actual women and some canonic ~queer rep~ but I'm always here for Iliad retellings.
  12. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
  13. That's a good point. I think networking opportunities depend on *what* you're networking about, maybe? The UK is teeny tiny compared to Texas but it's still comparatively hard to travel from one end to another, so I think where you go might impact your opportunities in some ways. I dunno - my course actually got cancelled this year so I'm taking it next year instead. 🙄 Figuring out what to do in the mean time has been a GIANT HEADACHE, but I think I'm going to do a one-year business course at the same college, so I'll kind of be doing a 4 year course instead of 3. It's not ideal, but the economy is so shit at the moment that it might be nice to get out of the jobs market for a few years. Ah thanks! I'll link it here when I put it up on my stories blog. Aw thanks! I am never writing that much formatting into a piece ever again haha
  14. Hey! Weclome to the boards. They're quieter than they used to be, but a few of us are still around/came back when MCR reunited. I'm Francesca.
  15. Arghhhh Actually it's going okay, I keep having to refer back to here though for formatting! That's why I popped in just now hahaa
  16. Guys. Not sister wives related but kinda, I guess. I write regular stories for the internet, and I decided that the one for next week could be about fandom (been thinking about fandom/religion/cult/family and how weird it is that almost everyone I know, I know through MCR). So I thought I'd do the story as a version of a fan forum, complete with thread titles and timestamps. And page counters. And smileys. On Microsoft Word. It was either the best or worst creative decision I've ever made. Send help. Am totally stealing some of our thread titles.
  17. I like the appointment system style of doing things too. It's a bit stressful as a customer (WHAT IF I MISS MY SLOT THE WORLD MIGHT END) but it makes general social interaction a bit easier. Thanks! I'm doing Business & Entrepreneurship, it's a Bachelor of Arts (fancy) but in my hometown (less fancy, way less stress than moving away). I actually deciced on it back in January, it starts in September which is so soon god help.
  18. My life was depressingly not impacted that much by lockdown, I work from home a lot so with the reduced hours from my clients, I mostly just caught up with some reading... I'm planning to go to college in autumn, which I think was accidentally the best plan I could've made - I decided to go in January because I was fed up with my work and once corona hit, the work shrank to such a low level that I'm really grateful to have student loans as a plan B, as it were. What a world we are living in.
  19. Try posting this in the MCRmy Swap & Shop thread: A lot of us still have the email alert set up, if you share your listing on there it'll get a lot of attention. 🙂Oh how I wish I had 500USD and a record player.
  20. Hey Rachel! I thought my country was being a bit... irresponsible in its messaging. You guys have it on a whole other level. Are you still working at the animal shelter? At least you get to say hi to cute animals as part of your job!
  21. Hey! Okay bear with me because I have NO IDEA how to do photos on this platform. I'll take some photos tomorrow and PM them if that's okay?
  22. Hahaha I hate any machine that requires active language choosing. Those little infographics might be annoying but give me language option and I'll ruin everyone's day. Things are starting to open up here, I think gyms are reopening but I don't think I'd use one for a while (not that I do anyway). It's nice to feel a bit more 'normal' though.
  23. Shamlessly rebooting this! I have an MCR hoodie from 2011/2012 that doens't fit anymore. It's the PILL hoodie with Party Poison's logo: https://www.depop.com/xotiac/my-chemical-romance-pill-hoodie/ (that's not my listing). It's got some marks on hence why I'm not selling, just asking buyer pays P&P. If anyone's interested, I'll take some photos and find out the size. It's hugely comfy but actually swamps me, so I thought I'd offer it to one of you guys.
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