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  1. Ahaha it's terrifying to get a message from someone who seems to know you, but you have absolutely no idea who they are
  2. Oh I think I knew it was International Workers Day. I wonder if they're connected? Yes I think bank holiday is a red day. I think it used to be that just the banks closed, I'm not sure why they closed at random days in the year like the Monday after Easter or New Year's Day but nothing else did. Anyway, nowdays everything is shut on Bank Holiday. It's always a Monday unless it's at Christmastime and Christmas or Boxing Day are on a weekend, in which case we get Monday and Tuesday off as well. I don't know how they figure it out but everyone loves a bank holiday. Unless you work somewhere that's open on Bank Holiday, like a restaurant, in which case the tips are good but the day is loooong.
  3. Yeah, May Bank Holiday. We actually have two bank holidays in May. Not sure why... I think this one is because May Day (1st May) is a traditional day for... something? The sort-of start of summer/end of spring? It's Beltane in the Wiccan calendar today, if you're in the northern hemisphere. Lots of spring-y stuff I think.
  4. Mine is good! Um, very little exercise. I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago so I've got some physio to do and that is... quite painful. I am out of shape and way too good at injuring myself. I am so looking forward to this long weekend though. I love that little 'oh I don't have to do anything Monday' feeling!
  5. You guys I have THREE WEEKS of my diploma Well, less if I get my finger out and finish my final assignment. Then I am going to read, talk to my plants and get down to the serious business of doing very little
  6. Yeah May in the UK is a weird time. You might have a heatwave and die if you go outside at midday. Or it might be hailing and muddy. WHO KNOWS
  7. Congrats in your second dose! Enjoy your road trip, that sounds lovely. Okay we're gonna need pictures of the slutty priest look. I have so many questions. It's going all right! I'm 90% sure I've decided my next two patches. When I can be in a room with my mum again we're going to figure out a way to sew on the mourning band that came with... I want to say May Death Never Stop You? I can't remember. It's too big as-is so it needs some work to get it to stay on my sleeve.
  8. I'm all right now. Spent most of the weekend shuffling around and grumbling. I have so much crap that I dropped on the floor and couldn't pick up I will never complain about old or slow people ever again
  9. Congrats on your haircut! I need one too but I'm making myself wait until my diploma is done. I might cave and get my eyebrows done before then though. I'm on my way to having one eyebrow and I use my brows when I'm talking way too much, I need them to look sharp. 😅 I shouldn't have bragged about getting in shape, my back went earlier whyyyy Okay I know why, I sat down for way too long then moved way too quickly but still Ow
  10. Oh that's weird. Our tattooists were shut for AGES. I can't keep track of the variants either. We have Brazil, Kent (UK), India and South Africa? Yeah exactly. I've not been looking after myself all that well since Covid hit and I'm quite run down and a bit richety. I'm going to try to get in shape for MK, because I want to be able to dance for the whole set, and I have a year so I reckon I can do it. This morning I did some Pilates (not that hard? But I think I might hurt tomorrow) and took a long walk. It was surprisingly hot so I'm kind of gross and sweaty which is PERFECT practise for MCR. I'm gonna keep working on my Killjoy jacket as well ahaha I'm so excited
  11. Mmm I hear you. We are reopening, slowly. We're all so ready for a haircut ahaah. But there are new variants in some places? We do have good vaccine rates though so I think people are a little more confident than when they reopened last time.
  12. Ahh thank you! I have 2 more hand ins and a presentation help
  13. Realised I have 34 days of my diploma left... I know that's a weird number so I'm going to try to finish my work in 30 days because that's a calendar month. GOD I WANT IT OVER WITH
  14. I can't believe I thought this thing might last '2 months' Ahhahaaa
  15. I am so, so much more awkward now we've had lockdown. It's awful. Ahh that's so brave, I'd be too scared to go downhill skiing!
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