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  1. It's hugely heartening that someone is checking both the MCRmy and my book during work hours. 🖤
  2. fuckssake TECHNOLOGY Update: it's fixed, I've changed the doc to a PDF. If Patreon isn't glitching, you should have a notification to tell you there's an update to the post. If it is (and it probably is) consider this your automated message!
  3. I think it was you who told me that back in about 2010!
  4. I think I remember A1 - did they cover Take On Me or something like that?
  5. I cannot believe it's been 9 whole years! Okay I can but I am consistently surprised by the linear nature of time. It's a little odd referring to MCR in the present tense on an album anniversary.
  6. I've just remembered I'm going to see Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Wheezer next year IN ONE GO woooo
  7. Arghhh I came here expecting a book recommendation BUT NOT THAT SORT OF RECOMMENDATION. My heart is happy, I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
  8. Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater
  9. Can I please just say how heartwarming it is to see so many animal pictures here. I live vicariously. I'm Francesca (she/her), I'm 24 and I'm from England. I've been knocking around the MCRmy since 2010ish, and I've been a fan since about 2006. 1) I'm a writer. Like, professionally. It's cool. Horrendously paid but so so cool 2) My friends in school used to call me Frank, which I still answer to, and one time my stereo was playing Vampire Money and when G said 'how 'bout you, Frank' I actually started to reply and got irritable that I was interrupted by Frank Iero. 3) I'm learning how to read the tarot and my life goal is to be that old lady with a pack of cards who looks knowingly at people, flips a card and unearths their entire soul in a sentence. This picture was me at Halloween. I went as a fortune teller (it's the reason I picked up the tarot) and accidentally ended up looking exactly like I normally look except also like I was auditioning for the next series of Peaky Blinders. Which you should definitely watch.
  10. I had this whole cool comment about My Life Now and I effing clicked off the page GOD. I also have shitty hands (probably from spending 8 hours a day talking to you lot in 2010) so I need to go and rest them so I will write it again tomorrow. But here is the link to the prologue! https://francescaswords.wordpress.com/2019/03/13/prologue-the-princess-and-the-dragon-and-other-stories-about-unlikely-heroes-by-francesca-burke/
  11. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Everyone please go and buy all of Gabrielle's art. Then send me some.
  12. 'how's it going' really needs its own comment and I dunno if I have the energy this precise moment BUT I am also a writer! Prose mostly, but I'm doing a screenwriting class at community college at the moment, trying to figure out if I want to do a full time course in it or just stick with my current work and take classes. Would you mind if I maybe pick your brain some time? Also it is so refreshing to see where everyone is at in their lives. I feel like I'm at a school reunion but actually in a nice way.
  13. Thailand (some islands and Chiang Mai/Pai), Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Devastatingly beautiful and GOD THE FOOD. I'd love to visit Korea and Japan, they are on my list. Heyyyyy! Are you still in film?? I am sort of reaching toward being in film. Congrats on your sobriety also, that's huge. I generally do not ever want a real job ever again (I'm freelance and also did the second job thing til I collapsed) but a librarian is the one job I would do happily. Yes definitely. Not just because there are a lot of names (and gender identities actually) that I never actually knew and just kind of guessed or surmised. Maybe a new Introductions thread? Might be easier for any new people too?
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