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  1. I think I'll wait until I'm on holiday or somewhere I can properly focus and sink my teeth into it. You can do itttt Still reading Pandora's Jar, but I reread The Scorpio Races over the weekend. I'd forgotten how lovely it is, even though the main topic is flesh eating water horses... 10/10 excellent fantasy read, I would go there on holiday.
  2. I started Rebecca a a while ago but couldn't get into it (it was me, not the book). My brother was named after one of the characters so I really feel I ought to haha
  3. I think you should see where it goes, then. It doesn't sound as though you currently live in each other's pockets, and if you end up becoming closer then just deal with that as it happens!
  4. EXACTLY. 3 500 page novels in a day? Holy shit, I thought I read fast. Currently reading Pandora's Jar by Natalie Haynes
  5. Hmmmm. I generally say 'don't do it' or 'proceed with caution' because if/when things go wrong, there can be lots of complications and more hurt feelings than if you weren't colleagues. That being said, if you really, really like this guy, there's nothing wrong with following your feelings. We're allowed to be happy, right? I'd say maybe assess where you are as friends? Lots of colleagues can also be very close friends. And if you're very close friends, then you never know where that could lead?
  6. I think once you love a book, you probably have some level of love for it forever. I reread the Percy Jackson series last year and it was like getting a hug... I'm about 10 years older than the target age group but honestly who cares.
  7. I've never read anything of hers except the Twilight series, is it any good?
  8. Hahaaaa you never know, someone might be waiting for it with baited breath!
  9. Didn't you start that ages ago?! I can't claim the high ground, though, I started reading a Plato book back in November and still. Have not. Finished it.
  10. I had forgotten these! I wasn't in the fandom back then and I remember learning about all the fan stuff and being so impressed/jealous haha.
  11. Seconding Sonia. I can't even remember what the rules are other than 'no private lives' and 'don't be rude.?!
  12. Happy new year! Wishing everyone... yeah, a better year. 'Not 2020', ha.
  13. Okay so it took me a minute but here are the t-shirt and bag, plus other band merch and fandom stuff: https://www.depop.com/probablynotvintage/
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