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  1. I didn't. I know two people who did - Cassie and Jacqui, whose handle on here I can't remember. Anyone else?
  2. Basic Instinct I'm halfway through and I don't think it's aged well
  3. We're officially in uncharted territory now haha
  4. Was it good? I haven't seen the last couple of Star Wars films and I know there have been some... mixed feelings.
  5. Happy belated Christmas! Hope you're feeling better, Sonia.
  6. I've had a looong few weeks so I am quite tired and a bit foggy so I think that's why I'm not that excited? Maybe I'm still in shock, or maybe I won't believe it until I see them live? If hahaha Will anyone be watching livestreams or Insta lives of the show? I personally can't stand when people share setlists before the show, I'm like DON'T RUIN IT. I'd rather be there in person than half arse it, you know?
  7. I have literally never vacuumed a smoke detector... kind of want to vacuum a smoke detector.
  8. It's hugely heartening that someone is checking both the MCRmy and my book during work hours. 🖤
  9. fuckssake TECHNOLOGY Update: it's fixed, I've changed the doc to a PDF. If Patreon isn't glitching, you should have a notification to tell you there's an update to the post. If it is (and it probably is) consider this your automated message!
  10. I think it was you who told me that back in about 2010!
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