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  1. Those photos are lovely! I've been taking walks around my neighbourhood, which I'm fortunate has quite a few trees and lots of well-kept gardens with very neat floral arrangements. Went to the shops today, was a bit depressed by the number of people not adhering to social distancing but most people were being really careful.
  2. Me neither. I think I'd like to make a list of things to do once we're free. I was chatting to a friend about it and we both said that there are shops, cafes, places to go and things we've told ourselves 'that would be nice to visit' but have never found the time. Except there's kind of no excuse? Now I'm sat at home all I can think is 'it would not have been that difficult to go to that cafe that's 15 minutes out of my way.' So once we're allowed out, assuming I am not bankrupt, I'm doing those things!
  3. So glad you can get out and about again! I'm generally quite introverted but I had a long Skype call with a friend yesterday and realised afterwards how iffy I'd been feeling. Maybe I'm... more sociable than I thought? Help
  4. How is everyone doing? I am starting to go stir crazy.
  5. I am isolating for a week because I have a cold (it's almost definitely just a cold but I figured, better safe than kill an old person) so I will pop you one as soon as I can!
  6. I think it's likely to be postponed. The UK is kind of on the cusp of the wave of the virus, so I'm assuming everything will be a bit mad for at least 2 months but probably longer?
  7. Mate I'd be fuming. You have a responsibility to tell people, especially if you don't know their medical circumstances. I think they knew it was wrong, though, going by the way they acted last week.
  8. Better than nothing. I'm thinking of sending letters to people who are stuck at home - would anyone be interested? Something for me to do, something for you to read, etc.
  9. There is definitely something to be said for taking things a day at a time. I got a bit stir crazy today and went outside to hack some dead branches off bushes in my dad's garden. Highly recommend it for a bit of relief haha.
  10. I feel like you're doing this right, Sonia. You aren't panic-ordering toilet paper, you're happy to enjoy your home (which sounds lovely) and you're staying calm. You're fortunate to have a job you can still do, too. I think it helps to know you've got things to do while you're inside, as well as the peace of mind from knowing you still have an income. I went out into town today for one of the last times for a while. I usually go three or four times a week, but today I had my shopping list and one meeting and was like, 'let's get this done'. I'm still able to go out, technically, but I've cancelled social plans. I'm going to see my grandmother on Thursday to help her with a new TV but it'll be very much 'stay six feet away from me in case I accidentally kill you, let's get this TV sorted so you don't die of boredom in the next 3 months.' She's not taking this thing seriously at all and the family is saying 'you need to stay in and stay alive' but nopenope. Work wise, the work is drying up. I'm in marketing and right now, there's not a lot to market. I'm fortunate I have some savings and that I live with a parent, so I won't be too badly impacted but my heart breaks for all the businesses that will go bust because of this.
  11. I think if they shut things down in the UK I'll start feeling anxious, but my brain is quite chilled right now. Thank god, because I stress enough about everything else... I do worry that healthy people hoarding food is going to be an issue for people who are less able to get to the shops, and I worry about countries with iffy healthcare systems. I know the NHS is slow and creaking and barely together, but at least no one is going to have to force themselves into work when they're ill because they need to work in order to get their health insurance.
  12. We've made sure there's food in the house (definitely no panic buying) and I got longlife milk the other day because I am not drinking my tea black but otherwise all I've really done is wash my hands more... we're worried about my grandmother and suggested she avoids going food shopping or out when she doesn't need to. In terms of work, I can work from home (and do) so unless I lose a client specifically because of the virus, a) I can work anyway and b) if I can't work I just won't get paid. I'm nervous for the long term effects on the economy, as the marketing person is usually the first to get laid off (been there before!) but I'm going to college in autumn anyway so although I'd be hard(er) up, the world wouldn't end. By the way, apparently Chinese restaurants and takeaways are struggling since this happened because people are ignorant af. So if you're stuck indoors and ordering in, consider getting a Chinese!
  13. Added! Just finished the Artemis Fowl series, it's really sweet and I wish I'd read it about 10 years ago because I would have fallen completely in love. Aiming to read some books off my shelf... my mum gave me a load and I need to read them before I can borrow or buy any more!
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