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  1. You've got to take a spare jumper/t-shirt to school with you in case of emergency....
  2. Mm we have snow and slush...That's it that I can think of? I feel like Scottish people probably have more. Maybe I am just forgetting some? We have lots of words for rain! And weather in general. But we rarely get snow of the sort that warrants lots of words. It's usually either a light dust or ankle-height.
  3. Ahhh that sounds like Snow White. Our snow is all gone I think, I don't know if anywhere in the UK has any? Maybe in the north. I can smell spring now though.
  4. Deer? Oh my goodness that's the cutest. I feel like there's hope in the universe when spring is happening.
  5. Yesss and today I think I saw a magpie with a twig for a nest. Also two squirrels. Separate locations. Bloody love spring. Haha Sonia my nan's building is like that. It's a kind of pentagon shape with two entrances and the sensible thing to do is say 'ahhh I'll meet you at the main door. You might never escape the top floor once you're there.'
  6. I saw two bees today! And there's this one rose I see on my walk that literally wafts down the street. There are a tonne of rose bushes in this one garden and there's this one teeny lil flower and it smells so nice.
  7. Yeah it is quite heavy, I know what you mean! Ooh enjoy. Still on Look Who's Back and started The Heads of Colored People
  8. They're simultaneously like toddlers and elderly people??? Thank you very much for that. Ugh Jackie I hear you. I think that anyone who deals with mental health problems in normal times deserves the presidential medal of freedom for dealing in covid times. I'm consoling myself that if I can survive this, I can survive anything. Or that is what I am telling myself.
  9. Mmmm my favourite poem is Tim Minchin's Storm, which is a 9 minute beat poem about an atheist meeting a hippie at a dinner party (it's rad). Currently reading Look Who's Back by Timur Vermes. It's about Hitler. It's also quite funny. It works, I promise.
  10. I don't but I'll look 'em up (Fandoms are terrifying)
  11. Hi! I'm all right? Like doing okay given the circumstances. Okay please elaborate how one can 'lowkey' die I am curious and also are you okay?!
  12. Oooh enjoy (if that's even the right term).
  13. Ahh I'm so pleased you liked it! Yeah it's quite violent for a YA novel. I liked Persuasion, although it's been a trillion years since I read it. It would be interesting to read the original verses the Danish, to see where the words/meanings differ. Just starting Natalie Haynes' A Thousand Ships
  14. It's pretty valid that you were working. The people I know with key worker jobs haven't stopped this whole pandemic, and those who switched to online work, like teachers, have had a really rough time of it. Don't feel bad for feeling sorry for yourself! This is an odd, worrying time. We're allowed to wallow occasionally.
  15. On the plus side, I have a lot of cleared-out books and items to donate/sell when I can get to places again. I might never have sorted through those things without lockdown. I never thought boot sales would be a thing I miss but god I do. Also: popping out. You can't just go for a wander around the shops now.
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