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  1. Yeah, definitely don't go alone under any circumstances. MCR fans are lovely, but I think that stadium seats 30,000 people and they won't all be, you know, decent humans. Do you have a ticket? I thought they'd sold out? If you have your ticket(s), find yourself a responsible adult and then think about logistics and the costs of getting there and back. I'm planning to pay for it by scraping together all my spare cash and under-the-bed change and maybe selling my car. Kidding. I'm selling my car for other reasons. I don't know the lower age limit but maybe try YouGov? I've made decent(ish) pocket money doing online surveys over the years. I have a referral code thingy for there if you want to PM me? Otherwise, eBay/Depop/FB Marketplace your old stuff, with your parents' blessing and watchful eye of course.
  2. Hi! Welcome to the boards. I'm Francesca. They're kind of quiet at the moment but I think once the tour happens there'll be more noise.
  3. Making Money by Terry Pratchett
  4. Oooh it'll be all *atmospheric*. I studied Hardy for a bit in school, did not love him. Probably would feel differently now I'm not required to write essays comparing his poetry to Ted Hughes' poetry...
  5. Hahaha I do love a period novel. Some of them barely make sense to native English speakers...
  6. I'm reading Nemesis by Agatha Christie. It's about all my brain can cope with in the evenings! Am also working through Real Life Money by Clare Seal, it's a really good memoir/money advice book. I've never read any George Eliot. Do you read it in Norwegian or English?
  7. Whaaat sending you good wishes! I had a friend in school who had pneumonia, it knocked her out for a good few weeks.
  8. I feel like everyone's going to be SO EXCITED. It's worth staying up for! That being said, if my dad and his girlfriend don't throw a party and/or we have a lockdown scenario, I might just go to bed. I feel like waking up in 2021 with a clear head might be the nicest feeling that could possibly exist? Just waking up and knowing... it's over.
  9. I can't even compute '2021'. It feels like 2020 has existed forever, and will exist forever. I should be able to apply this week if all the paperwork is sorted!
  10. Hahaaaa Johnny Depp in Norweigen sounds epically terrible. I'm used to English with English subs because my dad is quite deaf, but thankfully that is just captions. I'm hoping to do religion, philosophy and ethics. Lots of thinking and book material! Fingers crossed they let me in... this is the third time I've applied for uni and each time has been ridiculously complicated and soul destorying... and that's just the admin.
  11. I have assessments for the course I'm doing. I was meant to start a business degree this year, but it got cancelled for the year and was going to run next year. So I deferred for this year and am doing a diploma in business for the year instead (hence the assessments). I still had my place at the business degree for 2021, but I've changed my mind about what I want to study and where I want to go... so I emailed the uni people declining my business degree. Even though I've changed my mind about what I want to do, it was really daunting declining the place I had. Also I need to learn closed captions, sorry! I don't know how? And I have no recording equipment to make myself clearer. I will work on it!
  12. I know right. HAND ME THE DRUGS. Ugh I just officially declined my university place so I can apply to somewhere else to study something else. Why am I suddenly so nervous ahhh
  13. At least you can get tested! The system here is a nightmare, they're nearly impossible to get unless you're booked for surgery or already in hospital. If you think you have it, you just have to isolate.
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