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  1. Slow motion is the best way of putting it! I feel like a snail. In a good way?
  2. I feel like it's a side effect of lockdown. I have to think twice as hard to use my conversation skills...
  3. I've never seen Hamilton, I've heard so many good things though. Maybe one day the theatres will reopen and I'll have the money to spend on it! (I know they have the TV version now as well but I dunno, I'm happy to wait for the Real Thing). The Return of the King (Turned out I hadn't retained anything from the films, it had been at least 15 years, I have virtually no memory of The Hobbit - book or films - and despite this, my last book was hugely influenced by Tolkien, I just didn't realise at the time.) (Also, banging battle scenes. Epic. Excellent.)
  4. I have literally nothing interesting to say, but I felt like I hadn't popped in to say hello for a while or, more accurately, popped in, couldn't think of anything to say and left so here I am saying hiiiii
  5. The Two Towers (Haven't seen LOTR for at least a decade; had forgotten... everything.)
  6. Me tooooo I've actually cleared out so many clothes lately, I'm trying to be more mindful with what I buy and wear and not keep anything that isn't comfy or anything that lives in my wardrobe 365 days a year. I'm challenging myself to buy more second hand stuff so there's less carbon footprint too. I love a rummage through a charity shop and I've actually found some really beautiful pieces that I couldn't afford otherwise, like a beautiful patterned 50s-esque skirt WITH HUGE POCKETS
  7. I hate wearing a mask with my glasses! I mean, I'd hate being ill more so I suck it up, but OH GOD THE MIST.
  8. I had no idea Jane Austen wrote short stories. This week I read Holes and Small Steps by Louis Sachar - they're such capsules of excellence. Onto The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson. It's been ages since I read an epic fantasy but so far it's pretty good.
  9. I might be... do you have any photos anywhere?
  10. Oooh MCR merch and well looked after second hand clothing whose purchase will have relatively little impact on the environment? My two most favourite things! I have no idea what the second hand merch market is like, but I'd probably ask for something like £20 plus P&P for all of them, or a fiver plus P&P for one each. That encourages mass-purchase.
  11. My brother considers Facebook 'a cesspit of humanity' and although I think it has some good bits... he is right.
  12. I'm not going out unless I have to, either. Part of me wants to go wandering round the shops when they open ip and have some normalacy, but my town has *a lot* of people flocking to it in the good weather, even though most places are still closed. So I think it's best to stay at home and see how infection rates go. No point in getting overexcited and contributing to a second wave of pandemic.
  13. Just looked up the Sunrise series and it looks like perfect escapism! Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky
  14. Don't let onlookers shame you for bulk buying! Unless you're bulk-bulk buying... anecdotally I know of a person in my town who put 2 bars of soap on the conveyor belt at the checkout. They told the cashier 'I have 18 more soaps,' and the cashier refused to sell them 20 soaps, they said they could only let the customer purchase 2. So the customer threw a tantrum and walked out, presumably with 0 soaps. That is over the top. But one large pack of toilet paper when you're only buying 1 of everything else? You're fine. And for all the onlookers know, you might have a household of 10 people and need to buy that much every week, corona or no corona!
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