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  1. It said Yahoo was viewing your profile... I found that slightly creepy XD Oh, and hello :P I added you!

  2. Oh sweet! I was going to go on the 27th but I have my AP English final that day, meh. Psych? Sounds interesting! But I bet my limited attention span would not lead to a good time n that class, haha.

  3. Life is good . Yikes , lip piercing ? :|

  4. Fine Jeez! :( lol

    Ugh I hate calc...

  5. Lol shush- you're stupid!

    Haha im joking^ but still you're exaggerating.

    Eww i have like a precalc quiz today. It's gross

  6. HA! I'd look better without it :]

    And Panic! I'm kinda obsessed with Vices & Virtues ATM

  7. But then it's gonna suck cuz like...you're not gonna have a head!

    So what music are u currently blasting?

  8. Meh, my head can explode, I'm not using it anyway :D

    And yay for school almost being over..

  9. :o you need to calm down

    Haha don't make it explode that would be like hella uncool!

    Yay! Class is almost over woooooo!

  10. I just turned the music up louder...it didn't help lol I think my heads gonna 'splode D:

  11. Just like..scare it off! :D

    *hugs*!! OMJ you hella should. It'll totally make your day. Just watch

  12. I wish it would go away.

    YAY! *hugs*

    And OMG those are sooooo good...Imma go get one nao.

  13. Aw that sucks. Tell your headache to go away!

    Oh you have been added!

    OMJ Ihave a Hershey's Cookies 'n' creme chocolate bar. I'm happy now!

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