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  1. Well thats it. Today sucked and now I've officially been pushed over the edge

  2. Everyone on tumblr has lost their shit. Thank god for you sane people

  3. Sulfur! I miss youu :c

  4. Hey so can I call you by your real name here or is it all secret *ninja face*

  5. You may indeed be the chainsaw carrier as long as I can still be a chainsaw freak!

  6. Because it wouldn't let me comment this to your status thing

  7. It's truly a crime! At least we are now! Sister Knives is amusing. Especially with my mother. May I be a chainsaw carrier of the Sister Knives? XD

  8. What the heck dear!!! How were we not friends on here before this??? I have so many people who add me on here but don't know me at all, it's an utter crime we're not friends. Now that that is remedied, hugs! I'm glad we're the sister wives not the sister knives :D

  9. Alright, sleep is good. Message me if you ever need anything, alright?! Don't ever think your problems are less important or you're selfish for having them. You're just as important and so amazing. ♥

  10. Hm...?

    I'm about to go to bed, but uh.

    I'm okay, if that's what you wanted to hear.

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