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  1. I saved a baby bird but these assholes in my neighborhood killed it. It was the sweetest thing, it was still a baby! Is it pathetic that I'm crying? I just spent so much time with it only for it to get killed by a dumbass that can't understand "Leave the bird alone"
  2. Hi all I love you guys :wub: :wub: im the worst I am like never here ahhh Im sorry Im sorry I love you guys
  3. My friend and I are doing the ten hour "Taking The Hobbits To Isengard" thing. Oh dear. Its been twelve minutes and I'm going to lose it.
  4. Its one in the morning so I'm watching Peter Pan. Sigh, I'm probably going to sleep through school tomorrow. Oh well.
  5. I have an odd obsession with pocket watches. Help.
  6. Im buying a bunch of dresses for the summer :3
  7. The one time I wasn't lurking people were actually on. Oh damn.
  8. School sucks and people are dumb. I'd rather stay home and watch american horror story
  9. So this is actually gonna happen?
  10. Hellllllllooooo I should be asleep but all I ever do is sleep because I'm always sick. aaaaah. How are you all?
  11. I keep vanishing *sigh* I'm just no good with this all :/
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