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  1. Thank the fuck it's friday at last!!!

  2. well hello there other South African. There truly aren't alot of MCR fans here.. well not in Cape Town anyway.. where in SA you from?

  3. PM'd is Personal Messenged, like inbox message.. and ya, she's kwl. MissLady is awesome dude, how'd you come up with it? I LOVE my new username!

  4. yeah, she changed mine too, i PM'd her though. In my eyes, she's very very awesome xD

  5. haha i know what your "about me" down under thingy means :) don't worry, i think mine (and probably half the worlds) mind is in the gutter.. so very dirty hahaha

    yeah, being weird = cool. I mean, why would anyone want to be normal?!

  6. you my friend are the only guy i've seen on this site. haha well done tho :)

  7. Lol read your 'about me' i lol'd at the thunder from down under. hahaha nice to 'meet' you though :)

  8. it told me to say hello so i did.. Hello, love :) nice to meet a fellow killjo :)

  9. zomg where in Ireland you from? I really wanna see it, heard it is beautiful..

  10. just thought i'd let you know that in your signature, you left out the word 'side' in the first sentence :)

  11. Hey dude, it's Gilly, got my username changed xD I'm so happy! I could seriously kiss the mod who changed it hahaha

  12. YAY I got my user name changed! So happy!

  13. hey, thanks for the 10years of MCR info :)

  14. hey, about that book for MCR's 10th anni, how would i be able to help, cause MCR have NEVER come to south africa before.

  15. I have a headache from reading too much... Who knew??

  16. hahaha ya she never answers her fucking phone. called her today, had to call her house phone cause she didn't answer her cell.. sigh

  17. KIMMI!!! Nice pic. haha you drunk you xD

  18. hahaha she better come on here more than she goes on mxit or facebook hahah

  19. yeah the lithium part sonds epi

  20. your killjoy name is fucking awesome dude!!!!

  21. hahahaha what an idiot :)

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