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About Me

Hi There... :P

I love to cause shit when the mood allows it...

I have the best friends in the entire world, Kim and Deva

They are fucking awesome! :lol:

I can get really hyper if something awesome happens or if i get a new MCR song or anything MCR-like, it just makes me sooo hyper!!! :D

The feeling of soft rain falling on your face is sensational!!

And cold, wet grass is beautiful, and is orgasmic... to the naked foot!! :P:lol:

Just incase you didn't know!!

You can find me on Facebook under Beanzy Duggan... Just thought I'd let you know. :)


I was the girl who had one friend, but not really. I was the girl who was bullied (in the non-abusive way) for four straight years (even by a teacher). I was the girl who stayed back a year just to get away from the people in her grade. I was the girl who everyone thought was weird.

I am the girl that everyone thinks is weird. I am the girl who has more than one friend, but only has two best friends. I am the girl who now loves school. I am the girl who pushed through all the shit that was thrown at her, and even though it hurt every single day. I am the girl who survived.


My name is Gilly (Pronounced with a 'J' sound, people get it wrong all the time)

I live in South Africa, and if the thought just popped into your mind, I'm white. People ask me all the time why I'm white if I live here. There's alot of white people here. It's like 50/50...

Anyway... I have 5 huge dreams that if they were achieved, I'd like... Omg I don't even know. I'd explode with extreme happiness!

First is; I've NEVER seen My Chem live, They've never come here, and it's my biggest - I'll die so alive (Haha) and happy if I saw them - dream to see them in concert. I wanna scream just thinking about how badly I want to see them!

Second is; I want to go to Ireland (cause i'm half Irish) and that place is so beautiful!

Third is; I really want to get an Irish accent. It is so damn sexy! I'd totally marry myself if I could if I had an Irish accent!

Fourth is; I really want to meet My Chem, I wanna have a conversation with them, I can just imagine how interesting that conversation would be.

And lastly i want to get a Pug, those dogs are just so damn cute! With their skwished up faces! Zomg! I'd totally name him Frank after the Men In Black movie! xD


So yeah, that's me. I'm random and crazy, and now finally people accept me for it.

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