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  1. Hey its cool. The b-day thing. hehe. ^_^ thanx ey. Btw, I passed my driver's test!!!!

  2. Hey its cool. The b-day thing. hehe. ^_^ thanx ey. Btw, I passed my driver's test!!!!

  3. Thank the fuck it's friday at last!!!

  4. well hello there other South African. There truly aren't alot of MCR fans here.. well not in Cape Town anyway.. where in SA you from?

  5. Oh haha, well its something one of my friends called me a while back, and I thhough it sounded pretty cool. Hehe

  6. PM'd is Personal Messenged, like inbox message.. and ya, she's kwl. MissLady is awesome dude, how'd you come up with it? I LOVE my new username!

  7. Sorry, but what's PM'd? lol. I know, i'm a retard. lol. She is pretty cool. i actually like "MissLady" much better

  8. yeah, she changed mine too, i PM'd her though. In my eyes, she's very very awesome xD

  9. haha i know what your "about me" down under thingy means :) don't worry, i think mine (and probably half the worlds) mind is in the gutter.. so very dirty hahaha

    yeah, being weird = cool. I mean, why would anyone want to be normal?!

  10. thanks for the profile comment ... lol and its okay for me to say that in my about me because.. im from Australia(down under) and it dose not mean the other thing that thunder down under could means... :S well actually it dose.. you sound a lot like me from your profile. I also get called weird a lot... but you learn to embrace it :D cause it means your not boring like every one else

  11. haha, i know who changed mine. :D dropthedaggerromeo. hehe. she's a mod now

  12. you my friend are the only guy i've seen on this site. haha well done tho :)

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