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  1. Did you get to celebrate, Sonia?? :D


    Laine: Did you write the book of love? And do you have faith in God above if the Bible tells you so? Now do you believe in rock and roll? Can music save your mortal sould? And... can you teach me to dance real slow?


    I met a girl who sang the blues. I asked her for some happy news. She just smiled and turned away.

  2. I like to drink with people. only drink alone when sad. I don't like to get drunk, so I try to drink water and soda whilst drinking whatever cocktail I ordered.


    I typically have anxiety when I am around people up to three, so I can't last at parties. I get anxious and have panic attacks. So I'm more of let's chill at a pub or someone's house kind of person, instead of a club or warehouse or whatever. and I can't even last at a good friend's house long before I freak out either.

  3. we have federal and state tax

    medicare tax

    social secuity tax

    you get money back or have to pay more taxes depending on your income at the end of math on the form.

    the good thing about being poor and with a job, you tend to get money back more often than having to pay more.

    however, now that obama care bullshit is fucking everything up.


    but anyway.

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