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  1. ugh. class reunion and I'm not famous yet.
  2. we have federal and state tax medicare tax social secuity tax you get money back or have to pay more taxes depending on your income at the end of math on the form. the good thing about being poor and with a job, you tend to get money back more often than having to pay more. however, now that obama care bullshit is fucking everything up. but anyway.
  3. last year I got 500 so I should be getting some sweet money next year.
  4. sent in my taxes guess who is getting over 900 back aka me.
  5. in the history of covers and music, this is tops.
  6. the college I went to was private and cost more than 30 grand a year and my scholarship was only for 5 grand =/
  7. ok so now I owe over 2500 for the month hello deferment request.
  8. Have a portable american history fuck yeah book. or whatever. also, paid off some student loans. and I still owe 1000 this month in loans…for this month fml/
  9. I got it, it was awesome. I still have been too poor to send mine out. but I think my mom is visiting, so I'll see if she'll help me with that….
  10. "In space, I want science nerds around."
  11. I can afford plane tickets for me and Marie to go to FL which is something we desperately need seeing how sad we are in this place, even thought we want to live here. My boss has been playfully yet seriously annoyed everyone has been requiting time off around his vacation time which now includes me… I want the 11 to the 16th for a short Fl sojourn and his vacation is basically those dates so fuck. i need Xander, you bastard!
  12. someone is getting their SS gift late because life is like seriously. But it exists! The gift.
  13. penguins should be in the new thread title. Not forced, but natural.
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