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  1. anyway, I deleted my PM inbox, so you should be able to use that now.

  2. You can email me at



  4. yo, I was productive today and did what I said I would in regards to the magazine! I sent you some emails, which I hope falls waaaaaay far from stalker 0.o

  5. I want a shirt that has something to do with his lemon rant. would be amazing. I play that sound byte so many times a day...

  6. His lemons rant is the best thing in the universe!

  7. yeah. lurking can be fun sometimes though. Do you play portal?

  8. I see their point, I'm not that much of a bitch but at the same token, not everyone is going to love every topic people bring up and go on about. No one loves everything everyone has to say. But yeah. rest of DW stuff will go to the thread.

  9. hahahahahahahhaah. we pissed people off...

  10. monroe

    sexy. Thanks!

  11. Naw it's not creepy. I stare at dogs in the street and try to refrain from tackle hugging them.

  12. He can be very sweet when he wants to be. But he is also very sarcastic. He doesn't do tricks though we have trained him and he knows them. He glares at people, rolls his eyes and always growls when he lays down.

  13. Thanks! he is called Xander and can be very bitchy.

  14. so that review you mentioned, could I have it next month? awesome.

  15. I'm still tweaking this, but I uploaded your piece!


  16. ooh yes. totaly would love that!

  17. that would be fantastic actually. the site wouldn't let me upload for some reason so I'll try tomorrow

  18. I'm uploading your article but the images that went with it will be a little different. I couldn't separate them from the file but I wanted to include your work. I wanted to let you know, since this your piece and I tries but I lack skills. So I hope you still like it! It'll be up shortly and I will send you the link!

  19. If I asked you to dance, would you ask me to die?

  20. I managed to damage that sample piece you sent me. I want to upload it to the site and I found the email but the link expired. Do you think you could resend it to me? Thanks!

  21. mermaid sex perplexes me.

  22. hey when you have the time, could you send me a mini bio of yourself so I can add you to the staff page? awesome

  23. Awesome! I'll think of something better later for your second "assignment" could you write about your experience and maybe review the gallery? You don't have to be objective if you don't want to aha.


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