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  1. ffs. I keep having weird dreams about my boss! I don't even like like him dhjdhjkaldhflshafhdjsafdhahjflahjkaslfhjsdkl
  2. yes I think it bit my throat while I was asleep, like a proper vampyre like it knows I know it's a vampyre dick.
  3. A spider fell out of my pants. A SPIDER fell out of my PANTS. Not only did it break the renter's agreement but it climbed into and then fell out of my pants
  4. i keep having dreams where my boss wants me dead.
  5. I'm obsessed with lobsters as much as penguins. I have like a collection….of lobster things
  6. I met a girl who sang the blues. I asked her for some happy news. She just smiled and turned away.
  7. Oh, and as I watched him on the stage, my hands clenched in fists of rage. No angel born in hell, could break that satan's spell.
  8. shut up and dance is fun, is not kinda catchy and nothing more. so out of it today. I have to pay something to get the secret place for Rachel and Brinn back
  9. i need new shoes again. someone mentioned shoes. shooes.
  10. my car is stuck in front of someone's house I don't know on a very thick layer of solid ice I couldn't go into work today. I did see a lot of deer being majestic though. i'm very tired from failing at digging out my car….
  11. if I went to a party I'f bring Proper Rachel and Carix I hope proper Rachel knows who I mean.
  12. I like to drink with people. only drink alone when sad. I don't like to get drunk, so I try to drink water and soda whilst drinking whatever cocktail I ordered. I typically have anxiety when I am around people up to three, so I can't last at parties. I get anxious and have panic attacks. So I'm more of let's chill at a pub or someone's house kind of person, instead of a club or warehouse or whatever. and I can't even last at a good friend's house long before I freak out either.
  13. i used to have dance parties when I was at the laundry. JUmp the line begs for it
  14. yes. I thought people would. I have great ideas for things but never have the chance to present them to the proper people.
  15. you should apply to everything. I;ve been trying to get my local cinema to hire me for years hell, I have a film degree. and they still wont.
  16. about soup when fuse was still fuse I had this pitch for a variety show like attack! of the show and when we had contests you'd win signed soup cans.
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