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  1. yesss

    thank you.

    how did you get into photography again?

  2. Well, you know how in more classic films when they first started using color? Everything was really really bright. Like almost over done and over the top. That's the kind of color I like if you are really going for it. I also like color when it's like caught in a motion and they have the smear effect. (affect)? always get those wrong.

  3. I like color when it's bright, slightly out of focus.

  4. I understand. school can be intense. If you need more time, that's not an issue. I need to write shit myself aha. I should steal a camera... I really want a fancy old camera so I can look cool with my fedora.

    I like sepia and black and white photos since I think they capture the world in a truer sense..

  5. Random--

    those articles I asked you to write? did I tell you they were due my March 0.0

    I'm going to write and upload some stuff to the site tomorrow. My mission. my classes are less intense this go. and I need to do something productive with my time. yaaay.

    I was going to take up photography but my camera is in America....

    this message makes no sense, does it?

  6. aye. awesomesuace. But I do tend to over hate things and get very dramatic and start unneeded tangents instead of letting go.

    so here is hoping the new girl kicks ass!

  7. Maybe this whole never seeing John Nolan thing is a sign that I suck and am failing at the whole be better thing I started last year. damn.

  8. hey..


    didn't mean to knife your companion happiness to tatters.

    I over bitch about things.

  9. Oh man. I wish I had been. So jealous. That sounds like a perfect moment. Did time stop?

  10. Ch-ch-changes.

    1. river


      turn and face the strange

  11. was it painful? Joyous? Deatils

  12. in my defense i was being ironic.

    the tsners miss you

    visit us sometime sexy.

  13. Kinda of liked Not!Jesus.

  14. it keeps getting real.

  15. Call me a safe bet, i'm betting I'm not.

  16. May angels lead you in Mr. Davy Jones.

    1. scrumtrulescent


      The original "short guy" in the band. He will be missed. r.i.p.


    1. scrumtrulescent


      Awesome! That qualifies you as a superhuman. :D

    2. monroe


      Yes it does. Glad you were able to take notice of it.

    3. scrumtrulescent


      Dude, I knew it all along. :)

  18. Sometimes I feel like the only MCR fan who isn't .

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