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  1. I am the John Nolan fan and yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. I like the cat breeds with big eyes. looks dumb on dogs but adorable on cats. Like Ferguson.
  3. everyone seems to be dying lately. I'm not ready for the zombies right now. So, you know, stop.
  4. I loved Jane Eyre as a book and movie.
  5. My goals are to lose the 30 pounds I gained and write. Depression strangled me this last year
  6. someone say something about Norway? My family is Norwegian and we have family near Olso. I want to meet them and speak Norsk.
  7. BRINN, KERRY (BEST MOD EVER) GABBY oh and Proper Rachel. I missed you all very much. I was sad because I thought You thought I had abanonded you or something since I'm not as into MCR. Like they're not my favorite thing, but when I hear their music I remmeber good times and it's good. Brinn we still need to hang out. Kerry my roommate and I are planning a European trip and spending the day with you would be amazing beyound. Rachel, always fun chilling with you. Gabby, you're newish in my life but I want you to stay.
  8. yesterday went we'll! Said I was fucking awesome and I ended up getting more hours by working at the other place too
  9. was asked if I wanted to a dinner shift at a restaurant I like, but I couldn't do the whole shift and the manager hung up on me. No goodbye, just a sad sigh, thanks and hung up. made me feel like an ass. but the place I actually work for is kinda of promoting me! sort of… Food runners want more hours, they are trained to work the AM shift jobs, IE Buffet running or SA (server asst) but this one food runner sucks at the SA bit and they want her and me to switch. I'm aces at Buffet running so now I get to SAing, which I do sometimes for the place who hung up on me.
  10. I hate MSI so much If it had a face I'd set it on fire. so yay Disneyland.
  11. I thought that was, "I wish we had a California too." was like, well, we only have the one….
  12. remember when it wasn't about morality? you just had to do quests…but nope. These days, you're either evil or a saint. cannot be neutral.
  13. OH MY GOD Fuck off Tara Strong why cannot they hire Arlene Sorkin to always be Harley? I HATE Tara's Harley…and her Babs. Thank God, they have someone who can her justice in the games
  14. I prefer Fallout and Dragon Age over Mass Effect, but I may attempt to get into it. I have this thing where life IS Dragon Age Rules (also works with Fallout and Mass Effect) every choice you make is wrong and your friends are always disappointed in you. every choice. think about it. like in the game this guy used time travel to save his dying son---but he unleashed a hellish God onto the universe, who waged war and destroyed everything. When you correct it you can either kill him or use him, and the people he ensalved prior to that are being kicked out of the country and you can either enslave them again or not but no matter what you do, everyone says you did it wrong. and you lose points. like life.
  15. you and your fella are moved in? that's nice. does he snore? and when he does, do you kick him?
  16. while listening to the radio and turning channels I heard this: God believes in God. Oh? Well, here are some of the things I believe in: Zombies, Vampyres and Deer.
  17. my phone needs to be replaced my big boss is scary like a real raptor mutant have to shave my legs need to replace my mac charger need to get a new mac get famous. life sucks,
  18. i love Nolan North and video games.
  19. but he's either trying to kill me or……date me or Emma Stone.
  20. but, but he's old. (ok maybe maybe 40s) and looks terrible in suit jackets, but has amazing cold blue serial killer eyes like Cillian Murphy…. but I'm more into you know, pretty people like Nathan Drake, who is supposed to be molded after Nolan North. pretty sure he's short and has weird hair.
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