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  1. Egads I am pissed off.

  2. It's only impossible if you stop and think about it!

  3. Liz Lemon and Britta need to stop sounding like me.

  4. Now that my joke has been accomplished back to realism-- Bella Swan is a terrible perosn.

    1. monroe



      she's so horrible I can't even write "person" as she isn't one. clearly.

  5. Bella Swan is my hero.

  6. Jem is my name and no one else is the same!

  7. I sent you a fb message. just ugh. people are bastards.

  8. I just saw your comment thing. It's fine! I just did some updating on the site and was whoring it out. Don't worry about the articles! I trust that when you have the time, you will get them done


    1. river


      just letting you know: i was going to work on the articles this weekend... and then i got two more essays piled on... so next week! hopefully!

  9. Your favorite band sucks.

  10. Damn you motherless son of a whore.

  11. How about I'm outside your window?

  12. Science doesn't care if you're homo- or heterosexual. Science doesn't care if you are black, brown or white. Science doesn't even care if you believe in it or something/someone else: Science will always be there for you

  13. The truth is you could slit my throat and with my gasping breath I would apologize for bleeding on your shirt.

  14. Darling, I want to destroy you

    1. scrumtrulescent


      Gotta catch me first. ;)

  15. If one more person says The Hunger Games is a better series than Harry Potter I will cut a bitch.

    1. SulfurSiren


      Who would say that?????????? That angers me so much. There is no way that is true!!!! Even Lia would agree and she has read both series.

    2. chainsaws_cascading


      they clearly haven't read harry potter. the hunger games is a strange rip-off of the tri-wizard tournament.

  16. Ye gods. It stopped.

  17. This will hurt. A point that I must stress.

  18. God. Sounds so fantastical. Did I mention, kind of hate you?


  19. one reason I love Doctor Who

    he can go back but he also can't.

    But it would be nice if there was a reset switch.

  20. I just didn't really think certain things through. If I could back I would change a lot things.

  21. My school was more difficult about classes like photography. You couldn't just sign up. it sucks. It probably would have helped me out in college.

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