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  1. Change your taste in men.

  2. muder sounds about right

  3. Let's all go to Gullah Gullah Island!

  4. I'm a sick one with a smile.

  5. oh

    Jake wants to get in touch with you via twitter.

    stuff happened....

  6. My name is Life and I'm here to bite you on the ass,

  7. I am venegnce. I am the night. I am Batman. I drive on the wrong side of street. I don't care!

  8. Boy, you're just a stupid bitch. Girl. you're just a no good dick.

    1. motivationmaniac
    2. scrumtrulescent


      That's my favourite Shakespeare quote also. :)

  9. "Goths are a queer breed because they fight against being gay."

    1. TownScar


      o_O who said that?

  10. Will the flood behind me put out the fire inside me?

  11. I bet it would be.

    Annoyed I am in the wrong country -_-

    maybe they'll be nice have UK shows at some point... or go back to my town when I come back to the states.

  12. Beleive you me, I'll give them everything, I'll tell them anything to show them everything

  13. Why does my computer and internet hate my face...

  14. =0

    The norwegian one!!!!

  15. Happy birthday to meeeee bleh.

  16. Every time I see your face I die inside

    1. Lady_Godiva


      He's like a less cute version of you!

    2. monroe


      Let this sick sad game begin!

  17. Rhombus Vs. Trapezoid: Fight of the Century? Discuss.

  18. I am writing a comic about the seven deadly sins and the horsemen of the apocalypse... basically. each sin and horsemen has unique traits and affect the world in profound and interesting ways. sort of.

  19. Can you draw...for like..comics?

  20. need an artist badly. like whoa.

    1. firestarlight


      You should PM me what you've already told Sixx about the comic on Facebook. Don't quite know what to message her and what to not message her without that bit of an outline.

  21. Would you kindly kill Andrew Ryan?

  22. This sentence is false.

  23. New Misson: Refuse To Acccept This Mission

    1. scrumtrulescent


      Mission accomplished

  24. So here's my favorite part, when you offer your heart and I dissappear

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