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  1. I really wish Lex Luthor was in Batman v. Superman
  2. my car is dead. No way to get to work. My mom keeps wanting to yell at me about it, so I've been avoiding her. Then she wants me to pay her heating bill for no reason. I don't stay at her place or use her heat. Why does she want me to pay her heat? and also writing They met as seeds and knew each other. She would roll away for the chase he would follow because he didn’t want to lose her. Neither knew where they had wanted to settle and root. The wind carried them and they both enjoyed seeing the land and what was there. They amused the elders, who of course, knew better and had seen what was all to be seen and known. Two young lovers completly clueless and going to lose. They remember when it happened. The sun was out and the air tasted like hay and dust after the rain. The car came and she was carried away to the other side. He wanted to run to her, but his roots were gripping the earth now. As they grew they reached out as much as they could. Their bramches would never reach. She and him would never be able to hold each other.
  3. I dont have the illness that would have been a death sentence my doctor thought I had!
  4. It's not just his POV. Their professors said the those students had to earn their due in the battle of Hogwarts, I think they were held captive at one point. The movies just cut that out, which was awesome.
  5. I prefer Ravenclaw and the Hiufflepuffs. Both eat snakes and Honey Badger don't care. I can see it fighting lions? and Regulus is probably my favorite after Luna.
  6. I'm against Slytherin only because of the bullshit of how everyone in that house was "evil" Really? Fuck you. Regulus was the true hero of the series and that was his house.
  7. those dead people are trying to kill you.
  8. my lips feel like that puzzle piece looking desert land mass. this. .
  9. perhaps. just happy I drink my feelings. trying to be good
  10. work nemesis said I need to do something about the mustache on my face.
  11. I don't know. I just like it and it's how I feel.
  12. and now I may have diabetes hdfjkasdfhgjashdfjdak
  13. I wrote 13 pages of a film script and now I think my mind is broken until I take a break I'm still obsessed with this. for some reason the creature of horrors reminds of Riley, esp when he licks the dude's face
  14. Riley is very sweet. He doesn't growl, he just likes to be cuddled and lick faces. thanks everyone.
  15. Riley has the worst kind of skin cancer.
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