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  1. John Nolan knew my name for five minutes. Life complete

  2. Happy Birthday 'Murica

  3. this book doesn't suck.

  4. Comedy= Tragedy + Time

  5. Oh so glad you wrote back.

    I thought you fell off the planet or the doctor took you to space paris.

    but thanks for the info.

    I'm think about making a tumblr for IKJP. as like an extra thing where we can post partials to articles and follow different people and maybe promote some stuff and have people do the same for us. I'm still toying with the idea.

  6. He hit so hard I saw stars

  7. Really random

    do you know how to make tumblr awesome?

  8. NOW. I have lost a friend.

  9. and I may have lost a friend.

  10. Angela is such a bitch.

  11. Yup. Yay! Pictures are bliss. About France. The stuff you did, and what not and what France has to offer. Not like a tourist ad or anything.

    I'm sure you'll come up with something good. I have faith.

  12. when you have relaxed a bit, do you think you could write an article about France for IKJP?

  13. almost 1000 words.

  14. Candian? American? North America? WHAT ARE YOU

  15. I love when film studios reject me

  16. No Jessica! Stop cheating on Tony with me!

  17. now I'm just another human being. My life is no longer the center of a square cheese pizza.

  18. if I said I was dying, would that change you?

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