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  1. I can give you lists of movies that will improve your life.
  2. ( I live on the street where drug feuds are. The drug problem in my city is almost worse than the capital....so I ask that ^^ a lot)
  3. Don't read the hunger games, watch the hunger games. The books are terribly written, tedious and I don't care about how boring her boots are,
  4. No. He is always calm, the boyfriend. He never raises his voice, he's chill, but she screams like a banshee,
  5. If it's not for a time machine.... I dont know, they're awful dicks of people.
  6. they are drilling and hammering all night. For weeks. 4 am is when it's the worst.
  7. so annoying. she had a two hour fight over how she doesnt know how to backup her apple files. She then kicked out her boyfriend over ten dollars, then when he left and came back after she told to leave after an hour of saying leave, she got into another fight. and then this morning, when I was sick in bed, she was fighting over wood and shit
  8. this lady had a violent fight over Icloud today but then the writer in me is all and then
  9. I hope it's fun and semi lucrative, thanks guys =)
  10. i'm going to start training to sell sex toys on the side. My friend made 12 grand last year doing it part time and considering all this damn debt I have....why not
  11. I saw what reminded of the real like Puppy. Monkey., Baby. I would have danced, but I was in the middle of buying plates and tags for my new car and that would have been too Laine.
  12. i gave my number to a guy I've been crushing on for over a year.
  13. also, for comic book films, I think you need to have to pass a nerd test in order to see it, because,
  14. there are various cannons of his age. Some he's a childhood friend who had cancer and blamed Clark and others, he's older and once friend but Clarks powers drove him mad. Smallville was pretty great when Lana wasn't involved in their relationship.
  15. No. Lex Luthor is not. This is Lex Luthor Jesse is some manic panic OC. and
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