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  1. my heart is broken.

    1. river


      ^^^ this made me start singing the evanescence song

  2. Love Alex Kingston.

  3. -_-

    coninutes as

    didn't mean to be a bitch ass cunt face to you, but I don't see the comic as a real thing until I see art with it. and whne I see art, even if it's just fancy stick and triangle boobs, it's real and I feel our work is validated.

  4. Can't I?

    Well, the form it takes is a little girl and I thought if I named it Cheryl Mason, it would be kind of obvious. So I thought, what the hell Marie Harker sounds awesome but it's even more complicated than that! I'll send you the script when it's written.

    also about the comic art, you can send photo mobile uploads, didn't mean to be all bitch ass c...

  5. so i decided to base a hell beast who takes the form of a four year old, and give it your


    long story.

  6. I can only think of American songs for the 80s.

  7. do you fight about money? That's a thing people have.

    a day in the life just started on my itunes! bless. love it.

  8. Yeah. Decided to suck it up. made extras of the form in case I fuck it up.

    money is worth the pain I suppose.

  9. Do you want to?

    I got a job application today for part time work at the local factory store. haven't filled it out. i need monies. have only 70 pounds left

    but working with teens leaves a bad taste in mouth. worse than dark chocolate.

  10. Same people as always. What can you do? Being 13 must be really freaking tough these days...oh well.

    How is it going to work? College? I take it's not University? But something else? Americans use college for university as a general term and you guys have like the last two years of what we call high school as your "college" and also a combo of community college... 0.o

  11. I was hoping you'd stop by. How is college? Are you in Ireland getting all amazing with the Irish locals? Or still....in England? because that would be =/

  12. Indeed. I just never consider MCR a band to mosh to, so when it happens, I kind of laugh. because I'm weird.

  13. damn. I mean, I like burlesque, but that's what an MCR show feels like to me.

    ha. went over the word limit.

  14. They're one of my favorite bands to see live. It always feels like coming home, when I see them. It's not something I feel often with other bands, though I do enjoy other bands live too. But Blink 182 is home for me. You know? I suppose everyone else feels that with MCR. I don't. I like them enough live to continue...but it's a different kind of feeling--MCR is more burlesque to...

  15. I feel like I should know you from somewhere. But hello! and if we don't, here is a getting to know you gift


  16. I just checked out your photography page. Are you a professional? They're gorgeous!

  17. Hope Solo is the best name ever

  18. (your stomach's filled up but you're starved for conversation)

  19. Mommy's dead. Daddy's dead. Brucie's dead. I shall become a bat."

  20. Peter Vincent. Those ascott bow ties.

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