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  1. don't you live in the same state of SDCC though?
  2. San Diego Comic Con is all the haps right now. I so wish I could be there. Can't Comic Con this year. Next year.
  3. Three of my ultra favorite bands have toured close by and I had to miss them. It was devastating. Like losing Rory from DW again, remember that one? never got to say goodbye. He just was gone and he was our eyes, no matter what Moffat says.... so yeah, I feel you.
  4. I'll be bitter either way. because if it's a tour or something, I'll go and hate enjoy it. and it it's nothing, I'll be annoyed about how evil this all is and how much I respect that.
  5. I dislike their song on suicide squad. It's just not the feel/vibe/construct.
  6. Thats how it feels here. IF MCR comes back I'll also be irritated that I have to hate stalk Gerard again, since I just accepted that we're the same person and let him go
  7. sometimes I wish I could sleep in a cool pool of water. or on a block of ice, like that fancy hotel in Europe made of ice.
  8. i wake up covered in sweat each morning. which sucks because I wake up usually around 4 or 5
  9. it is. It's like a ski/nature ad all the time.
  10. Yeah Colorado where my family goes hiking. well, one of the places.
  11. it has a varying affect? effect? on people. some get sick and knocked off their feet, others its like they have been running a marathon. water. should be good. great place. everyone is moving there.
  12. It takes a few days to get used to the air.
  13. same. That bird is a dick. someone who works here is called Steve Ditko. I got really excited but then rationality took over.
  14. non cannon I think maybe. or eaten on robot chicken. something like that.
  15. a spider man writer liked my sass. I win.
  16. NYCC doesn't know how to function or properly sell tickets. They are re doing it again. How is it so hard to sell tickets to an event? You put a price, someone buys, you get the money. Business concluded.
  17. well, as far as plans, I still don't own the multiverse =/ working on that..... and maybe making lunch
  18. My avatar is an awesome picture. Why does it have to be cropped so much? Ugh. Thanks Hydra.
  19. Rubber is a fun one. It's about well::
  20. here we go: Detention some guy who kills people Odd Thomas Tucker and Dale v. evil this is the lighter horror comedy. most of what I like is well more....dark comedy so....you may not like those but these are fun.
  21. Sure. I'll go ponder some horror comedy for you
  22. catching up with Spider Man comics. experiencing a lot of: and then my favorite character ( Harry) does something stupid and it means the villain won but I don't care because it was an awesome loss and Spider Man cried!
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