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  1. I was like, wow you shouldn't be telling us about your villainy, but then it made more sense.




    Tabloid is about kidnapping an ex boyfriend, tying him to a bed and trying to make him forget he's Mormon.

    true story about a psycho


    there'ssome good ones on Aileen. that serial killer they made that film monster about

  2. He has issues with candy though.


    just saying.



    Reading Cable comics.


    I mean. in terms of marriages, my Marvel hero husband is Spider-Man/Peter Parker


    but I think I'm having thi sexy affair with Cable




    hot damn.




    he's like John Connor. If raised by Sarah and the Terminator and then left under the guardianship of the First and third Doctor Who's before being kidnapped by 9th.


    That's Cable.


    when he dies, he just gets displaced in time. That's awesome. when he dies, he just gets sucked into the time vortex and then spat out at random.

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  3. don't remember. I didn't buy it if they did. Nick didn't even have a gay couple until that Korra show and even then it wasn;t until the series ended they even were sort of open about it

    and Degrassi is the only show, because it's on the step child network,  allowed to have same sex couples, because it;s on a step child network of either nick or Disney.


    because, progressive.


    and on the whole sexuality thing and media being more about it


    here's my BULLSHIT


    Miles Morales is supposed to like men too right? that was a big fucking deal...and they only have shown him  interest into women. like, so he only dates women but he MAY find a guy kinda attractive....


    and then freaking Deadpool is supposed to be pansexual but that;s not even right because he doesn;t even own that he wants men either! he freaks out/makes jokes and just lolols it and goes after ladies only.

    and to be honest his most emotionally and strongest human connection was and still is Cable. Not his wife. and Death doesn;t count.


    don't make it a "thing" and then go just kidding



    sorry been a while since I went Laine.

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