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  1. Job Interview!

    1. SulfurSiren


      Hooray! How did it go?

    2. monroe


      not until next week, but same company offered me another sepaarte interview hehe

    3. SulfurSiren


      I hope you get it :)

  2. need all of you to follow this, http://straylightend.tumblr.com, so I feel like I have royal subjects. I also took my sleep meds so I may sound more regal than usual

  3. My body is your body, and I won't tell anybody if you wan to use my body

  4. I like words some times in the dark

  5. Do you like the words of your rmy members? we do too

  6. JEM. On Netflix. The world makes sense!

  7. My anger words have mad summoning powers.

  8. Peter Parker can finally be with Gwen now that he's dead!

  9. Let's all pretend we're happy he's still the leader

  10. You are stale cake, sir.

  11. Does anyone know of an active Rory appreciation . . . thing?

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