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  1. Oh my god I still love Gilmore Girls. It's high school again ugh and I totally forgot that Paris dated Jonathan from Buffy! and supernatural did a tour of stars hollow mwahahah
  2. work with the sociopath for the final time in a few minutes….
  3. Oh my god today listen I know I only have two days of your shit, you sociopath, but can you please not let your abusive ex-husband came into work, have you CRY in between costumers, then say I betray youwhen I want to call the police when the company we work for says if he ever comes into your work he will be arrested on site since he slapped the fuck out of you last time he came in and the work camera recorded it all?
  4. I'm trying to finish the following: Atlas Shrugged--have like 200 pages left Founding Rivals--maybe 150 pages David Copperfield- probably 300 pages. Common Sense. I want to start the federalist papers.
  5. i should not have to be up this early on Saturday
  6. I had my status at work updated so they needed a new photo and I look so stupid and I am even trying to smile this time. and yay at boyfriends cooking for you. what is in that soup?
  7. i always look sad and the one time I liked my photo, it had to be replaced =/
  8. I wrote for the first in about tha same amount time too work considers me slightly more human and gave me some benefits. had to get an updated iD and my picture is awful.
  9. watching horror films hoping to want to write.
  10. i'm in this contest http://ikilledjuliet.net/?p=221
  11. One day soon, possibly not tomorrow or the next day, but you eventually come to see it that I was right and you will know it was for the best,kid. and so we may never again meet in this lifetime, so I say to you,
  12. this is true, one day you shall know of them,
  13. Oh it's funny. I make awesome live epic rants. My friends look forward to them. and this is one of the things that piss me off. I also had a five minute rant about Dragonball z. God. that show and manga was so... one scene the guy is freaking out about how carrots are an abomination to food and Earth and the next scene his best friend is about to get gang raped. and it's a comedy aimed at children. ​but that scene was kind of awesome in a weird way.
  14. God. I'm still irritated that Gerard is writing a meaningless one off Spiderman
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