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  1. Yeah. I love it. I really like the needles the space as well. About Time. I miss them but looking forward to hear John's work back with TBS.

  2. I sent the second comic draft.

    I wasn't kidding btw haa.

  3. ahaha thanks mate. cheers

  4. I didn't ask for it. She did it to mock me while I was bitching. It was air of Lexa's SIT DOWN chair animation.

  5. aha. It's really depressing. I usually like to curl up, drink tea and read a book. But I am far too lazy for any of that. wouldn't mind playing with the dogs though but living my dad until I find a place of me own and he freaks out about dogs being wet. Convinced they will die.

  6. text me your new number.....

  7. Yesssssss. Thanks.

  8. Hello!


    Mari G.

    Love you're keeping that name even here



    I seriously need to text you more.

  10. shaytastic? shay-shay?????

  11. Really though. What the hell is jabber?

    1. scAVENGER


      I know nothing of this jabber. Only of my true friend, the Jabberwocky....

      Named Alphonso.

    2. monroe


      I always wanted one of those.

    3. scAVENGER


      Alphonso is a sophisticated creature. Only lets me ride him if we're going to the grocery store... And then I have to promise him candy and to go cow watching.

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