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  1. I made a huge mistake. I looked up Jacquie Lambie
  2. nope. no stabilty. and when I think I am doing Ok,I'm not.
  3. just every time I think I am doing okay I find out I'm not work wise.
  4. curled up snakes are kind of adorable. but then they wake up and kill you.
  5. Yes. and my dog was blind and ran into cacti all the day. There are a lot of things that can kill you in Southern California. A lot of mean plants.
  6. I lived in the desert so we only had the bad snakes. Mom found a rattler in the mailbox once. She was not amused.
  7. snakes can kill your pets. It happens in FL a lot. The anti venom isn't cheap and they don't carry it all the time. So if your dog gets bite by one of poisonous bastard, you're doggie is dead. A very painful death. So it's like, kill your dog =/
  8. how does it get to that point with that many snakes…. how
  9. You must take pictures and send us reactions, if any.
  10. I'm so jealous for you guys who can and do celebrate, because I cannot. Again. Because I have to work, again. My exam for the food management certification is in two hours.
  11. I'm sorry about that Brinn. That would have been a fun group costume. and yeah, I just feel so weird around super Christians. It's like, have you read the Bible? You know there are some serious pagan stuff right? Blood and animal sacrifices. Ugh. Halloween has some many fascinating influences from different pagan and cultural beliefs it's beautiful. I also, enjoy scaring people and dressing up.
  12. I have to work it =/ Halloween is my favorite time of year and then Christmas but I say the reverse around Christians. They hate when you don't name the not Jesus birthday
  13. Adam from TBS took something from me, a father boa from Michael's that was really fancy. Some bitch threw it on stage. Like, really? and I had hoped he would toss it back so I grab and jack knife said bitch, but does he? NO. He fucking gives it to Gerard, who walks off with it. That boa cost me 30 bucks!
  14. did you tell him he owes me money? Because, he owes me money. Ask anyone..
  15. thats very logical of your parents…...
  16. I have been wanting to hear/see makedmansure with Nolan and Shaun forever and it apparently happens now and Adam, still doing that no hygiene thing on tours….. sup, Jesus..
  17. Yes. I've been having a constant existential crisis.
  18. now limp biz kit is in my head, ch'ch'check it out. think that's them. aaah aliteration
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