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  1. Got my new frames. so now I can see and use my computer and write and read and have no excuse not to
  2. my gift will be late but filed with so much love you won't care.
  3. my neighbor has a penguin. I'm taking the penguin.
  4. Proper Rachel, Other Rachel, Brinners, me, Gabby, and other people?
  5. I love giving gifts. OMG. If I had the money Rachel and Brinn would have the best things right now. I keep finding things that remind me of them. and I'm all, oh fuck me not having money. Ugh. sorry ladies.
  6. i hate how much i love blank space and fall out boy's last album was like, flawless OMG. ugh. bastards.
  7. apparently if you eat before/right after you take medicine, your body doesn't turn you into a zombie. But you're still kinda stupid for two hours.
  8. creating ones yourself is always magical. I get lazy though and buy fancy ones and am, look what I made just for you! or send an autograph... which I do. seriously... I've done that.
  9. I need to film Patches: The Bank Robbing Spider. carry on.
  10. am i the only one who has no interest in Gerard's new music?
  11. YES I have a better paying job and considering how awesome my secret santa was last time, I am stepping up my game, son. but I can only do US this year =/
  12. I literally was going to PM about this.
  13. I'm not wearing my glasses. so to anyone I ;one who is on, heeeeeeeeey you know who you are, Brinncakes and Nevvie and Rachel? is a Rachel on?
  14. Yeah. in good news, I start moving today
  15. Jacqui Lambie wants to make it illegal to wear a burqa in Australia for "security" reasons.
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