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  1. -_-

    coninutes as

    didn't mean to be a bitch ass cunt face to you, but I don't see the comic as a real thing until I see art with it. and whne I see art, even if it's just fancy stick and triangle boobs, it's real and I feel our work is validated.

  2. =0

    The norwegian one!!!!

  3. Awesome! I'll think of something better later for your second "assignment" could you write about your experience and maybe review the gallery? You don't have to be objective if you don't want to aha.


  4. aye. awesomesuace. But I do tend to over hate things and get very dramatic and start unneeded tangents instead of letting go.

    so here is hoping the new girl kicks ass!

  5. Can't I?

    Well, the form it takes is a little girl and I thought if I named it Cheryl Mason, it would be kind of obvious. So I thought, what the hell Marie Harker sounds awesome but it's even more complicated than that! I'll send you the script when it's written.

    also about the comic art, you can send photo mobile uploads, didn't mean to be all bitch ass c...

  6. Carrie sent me an article and I published it. She's going to see Josh groban again and asked for a photo pass request, which I'll send in the morning.

    here's the updated stuff, just check the features and what not.


  7. damn. I mean, I like burlesque, but that's what an MCR show feels like to me.

    ha. went over the word limit.

  8. do you fight about money? That's a thing people have.

    a day in the life just started on my itunes! bless. love it.

  9. Do you want to?

    I got a job application today for part time work at the local factory store. haven't filled it out. i need monies. have only 70 pounds left

    but working with teens leaves a bad taste in mouth. worse than dark chocolate.

  10. God. Sounds so fantastical. Did I mention, kind of hate you?


  11. Hello!


    Mari G.

    Love you're keeping that name even here


  12. hey..


    didn't mean to knife your companion happiness to tatters.

    I over bitch about things.

  13. Hm.

    I like Doctor Who, Buffy the vampire slayer.

    my favorite comic is one by Neil Gaiman and it's for batman called, Whatever Happened to the Cape Crusader. I've always liked Batman and comics, since I was a little kid but never a proper one until I was in my late teens.

    liking anime is fairly new. I always loved Vegeta from DBZ though. But it's freaking V...

  14. I bet it would be.

    Annoyed I am in the wrong country -_-

    maybe they'll be nice have UK shows at some point... or go back to my town when I come back to the states.

  15. I feel like I should know you from somewhere. But hello! and if we don't, here is a getting to know you gift


  16. I have serious issues with Hamlet. Not the play itself but the way it usually casts people in their 40s to play a teen boy. But I do hear he was rather spectacular and it is on my watch list.

    I need more nerds in my life. Favorite comics, cartoons and anime.


  17. I just saw your comment thing. It's fine! I just did some updating on the site and was whoring it out. Don't worry about the articles! I trust that when you have the time, you will get them done


  18. I sent the second comic draft.

    I wasn't kidding btw haa.

  19. I think the first thing I will have you do is write me a very short bio and I will upload your article you sent me and some of your photos.

    Are there events involving photography like showings, that happen in your town or college?

  20. I told you it would be heaven in your mouth!


    awkward comment end/

  21. I understand. school can be intense. If you need more time, that's not an issue. I need to write shit myself aha. I should steal a camera... I really want a fancy old camera so I can look cool with my fedora.

    I like sepia and black and white photos since I think they capture the world in a truer sense..

  22. I'm still tweaking this, but I uploaded your piece!


  23. in my defense i was being ironic.

    the tsners miss you

    visit us sometime sexy.

  24. Not sure if this will get your attention but the phone is too far

    I have like thirty emails from media press groups

    asking us if we want to cover for their bands and so on..

    thought you should know.

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