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  1. the worst thing about being social is having to wear pants.
  2. money is annoying. I want it and when I have it don't want to spend it. but have to because just living is expensive.
  3. i was to post something, but i forgot what it was...
  4. My mom's boyfriend is from Bristol and he's not having it.
  5. Did anyone see that movie life? The alien reminded me of a combination of Patrick, Squidward and Deadpool. But comics Deadpool.
  6. uploaded two scripts to that amazon studios thing https://studios.amazon.com/users/231119 in hopes of maybe someone other than my mom reading my work.
  7. Kind of. I'm trying to work on a story right now.
  8. Yes. I was too lazy to spell it out and didn;t want to spell it out wrong. My way of asking without asking how to spell it. and not so great. work is directionless. life is aimless.
  9. sometimes I reject their rejections when I have too many.
  10. I just got a job to help this booking agent promote people like Mike Zeck at comic con's! because I promoted Mike Zeck at comic con!
  11. Guess who just had like a four hour dance party the with OG Black Ranger from the mighty morhpin power rangers and almost got Deathstroke to join??? I love working comic con !
  12. I love me some Wham! nonicroncal like. Fuck you, Deadpool fans. I work for a hotel in PA called Hotel Hershey. http://www.thehotelhershey.com/ I think it's overpriced and Disney is better, but I have a love hate relationship with Disney and we need couple counseling, but stilll. Disney is a better brand--the slut. Ugh. I'm un-doing all of our work !
  13. Been listening to MCR lately and have been fighting how much I like i t.
  14. Work. Not even fun kind. just blerg.
  15. It's September. Time to get back to Hogwarts
  16. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3851540
  17. I was like, wow you shouldn't be telling us about your villainy, but then it made more sense. um Tabloid is about kidnapping an ex boyfriend, tying him to a bed and trying to make him forget he's Mormon. true story about a psycho there'ssome good ones on Aileen. that serial killer they made that film monster about
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