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  1. the worst thing about being social is having to wear pants.
  2. money is annoying. I want it and when I have it don't want to spend it. but have to because just living is expensive.
  3. i was to post something, but i forgot what it was...
  4. My mom's boyfriend is from Bristol and he's not having it.
  5. Did anyone see that movie life? The alien reminded me of a combination of Patrick, Squidward and Deadpool. But comics Deadpool.
  6. uploaded two scripts to that amazon studios thing https://studios.amazon.com/users/231119 in hopes of maybe someone other than my mom reading my work.
  7. Kind of. I'm trying to work on a story right now.
  8. Yes. I was too lazy to spell it out and didn;t want to spell it out wrong. My way of asking without asking how to spell it. and not so great. work is directionless. life is aimless.
  9. sometimes I reject their rejections when I have too many.
  10. I just got a job to help this booking agent promote people like Mike Zeck at comic con's! because I promoted Mike Zeck at comic con!
  11. Guess who just had like a four hour dance party the with OG Black Ranger from the mighty morhpin power rangers and almost got Deathstroke to join??? I love working comic con !
  12. I love me some Wham! nonicroncal like. Fuck you, Deadpool fans. I work for a hotel in PA called Hotel Hershey. http://www.thehotelhershey.com/ I think it's overpriced and Disney is better, but I have a love hate relationship with Disney and we need couple counseling, but stilll. Disney is a better brand--the slut. Ugh. I'm un-doing all of our work !
  13. I saw Life the other day. I'm not sure if I love or hate the ending because it ended the way I thought it would. But that alien was kind of adorable at times. It was hugging things to death, being all wrapped the poor sod. But it was like intense cuddles instead of anaconda squeeze of death. But the alien looked dumb sometimes. But I love isolation and space horror and I needed a good fix before the new Alien films comes, and this was cool for now. also, Ryan's stupid haircut in deadpool makes more sense now. Because, Wade is supposed to have blonde hair that's short but medium length short, not shaved... Look it up! I'm done now.
  14. Been listening to MCR lately and have been fighting how much I like i t.
  15. Work. Not even fun kind. just blerg.
  16. It's September. Time to get back to Hogwarts
  17. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3851540
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