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  1. If you stop breathing, then i stop breathing.

  2. Bring your herbs out, leave 'em by the door, tuck your rabbits foot beneath your shirt, and remember not to walk under ladders, and if you see a black cat, make sure you don't cross his path! Because ladies, and Gentlemen, It's Friday the 13th! and remember, bad luck comes in threes touch wood.

  3. " Cause i can't ever sleep at night the same "

  4. As soon as the moon shines in the sky, My body fights sleep like all hell, and wins.

  5. Is someone awake? anyone wanna brainstorm a fan fiction?

    1. Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Adrenaline Threat Angel

      Message me up? I'm interested in writing.

  6. Can someone message me on how to upload photo's to put in threads? i use flickr, and i'm having trouble!

  7. * continues to drink it *

  8. This is the worst cup of coffee i've ever had.

  9. ' My mind doesn't rest, and i don't sleep, not even in my dreams '

  10. I look up, ' Make room ', on youtube, and get, " make room for Daddy " LOL

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