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    Drawing, sleeping, music , going to concerts, being random & lazy, the colors black n red (preferably blood-red), My Chemical Romance (love'em to death <3), vampires (the non-twilight kind)

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  1. So bored today.. I literally have nothing to do ._.

  2. happy new years everyone :) so far my 1st day of 2012's been spent listening to mcr lol

  3. lol this girl on america's funniest home videos was crying cuz she wanted a weenie to be able to pee standing up xD

  4. Happy thanksgiving my fellow killjoys! ^.^ Hope you all have a good one :)

  5. finally painted my nails ^.^ theyre all sparkly red with black crackle polish on them <3

  6. I wanna make 2 a7x related shirts right now - the 1st saying "pink is the new black" with something syn related on the back and the 2nd with jimmy's sullivan 0 tatoo on the back and the deathbat in the front <3

  7. jeez I haven't been here in awhile.. school = pure evil ._.

    1. NeverComingHome


      Welcome back to the land of those who refuse to sleep :P

  8. fml I wish I could just die n leave this world already..

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    2. ashketchum


      Don't say that...Nothing is worth leaving this world for. Anything broken can be fixed somehow...If there's anything you need, we're here for you!

    3. Lady_Godiva


      Awww :( *Hugs*

      Like Ash said, anything broken can be fixed!

    4. Chaotic_C


      aw thanks everyone..this is why i love the mcrmy. People actually care <3 (feeling better since this was posted )

  9. ah i see. my family knows about fb but they're not tech savy enough to make one haha. Btw you doin alright?

  10. I'm not much of a facebook person these days. My family is on there too much. I can't say how I feel and I want without them judging me. I only go on there every so often. Half the time it is to update the mcrmy bakersfield page and the killjoy meet up page.

  11. True. I haven't talked much with him or anyone in particular in awhile though. Damn fb addiction ._.

  12. Aww I see you have been on enough to be friends with adrenaline motivation though and I think that's great because he is a wonderful person. I hope school is okay though.

  13. hey. things've been meh. haven't been on here in awhile cuz of damn school xp

  14. Hey I haven't talk to you in awhile. I hope everything is going well for you.

  15. hmm.. i wish i had some san diego killjoys to kick it with

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