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  1. I'm currently working on research, but planning to get back to the clinic next year. I sooo want to go to Japan *.* (tempted to fly to see MyChem at download ...but it's too expensive )
  2. In the time MCR was inactive I've: -Finished med school (well, I was in my last year when they broke up...anw, now I could actually be a MCRmy medic ... currently planning on completing a mental health first aid training) -Finished a PhD ( waiting for marking... but the thing is basically done) ❤️ I'm so happy there's more activity going on here Without the chats, games, casual and more deep discussions I would have not gotten to where I am in life right now. I will be always in debt with My Chem and the MCRmy ❤️
  3. Hi, i heard you organise the Flashmob MCR stuff

    i just wanted to do it for my Western Australia =)

  4. If the Rmy brings you 2 flashmobs then just get ready to dance at both...right? ;)

  5. Ahm... Sure... Whatever you say, doctor... (lol xD)

  6. hahaha

    That's bCuz I'm the master of the Wicked :D

  7. Hello sweetie... having a good time being the master of the wicked here, huh? hahahah gotta love your ideas :P

  8. The MCRmy flashmob is gonna be AWESOME :D

  9. Hello Hello sweet heart :D

  10. So...I'm checking the Rmy Colombia email, posting on the Rmy twitter and cheking one thread...I'm going to explode!

  11. The MCRmy flashmob on IMCRD is gonna be awesome!

  12. MCRmy flashmob on IMCRD, who's in ?? ;D

  13. I wanna dance the Helena vid choreography soooo badly! *_*

  14. I was born as an MCRmy soldier in thw Revenge days :)

  15. MCR keeps in my mind while i expend my days in the morgue...afterall it has been rlly usefull in this moment of my life...

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