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  1. Jesus christ I'm randyyy must of been that battery energy drink

  2. Hate the war between craig and ronnie fans is pathetic! Because they don't like each other the fans copy hahaha.

  3. Love In My Blood by Black Stone Cherry, glad they brought it out!

  4. Blink 182 are over-rated

  5. I was saying how beautiful Barry Gibb was and my mum was saying how gorgeous olly murs is. Maybe we should swap bodies.

  6. Why is town full of twats?

  7. Mcauly Culkin still looks about 9

  8. Shinedown in Download?! buzzing!

  9. Happy 50th Birthday David Bryan! @BonJovi

  10. Since when have all the facebookers liked American Football the bunch of arseholes

  11. Can't believe its been 2 years since Misha died. I miss her so much :'( ♥ http://t.co/RnVTMCGj

  12. How gorgeous was Barry Gibb in his day? Wow

  13. Last book i read was Vince Neil (Motley Crue) autobiography. Very good book!
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