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  1. Are you trying to set up a bioactive enclosure? Those are really difficult in my opinion, but maybe I just don’t like things that require maintenance. I had another boa in a bioactive tank with soil, plants, and a water fountain and ultimately ditched it bc he just destroyed the plants. There is a big reptile community on tumblr and some good resources on getting one started. I’ll try to find them and I can link it for you (if that’s something you are interested in).
  2. He sounds like such a good boy!!! I love when snakes forget how to snake and sort of just daintily take their prey item. Noodles just shed and is due for another meal here soon. You should post a picture of your setup 😃 I used to help design custom builds when I worked at Petco. My coworker (who also had 5 + snakes) would do the actual construction and we had a lot of fun doing it. She made Noodles current setup but he might need an upgrade soon.
  3. Yes to everything you just said. It used to be my go-to show I would put on when I was sad or upset. Honestly everything I see in cartoons rn is stuff I really would have liked as a child and it makes me happy this next generation gets to grow up with all of this as the “new norm”
  4. I really like Steven Universe. My ex gf loved it for being “the lesbian show”, but I think everyone can appreciate it regardless of how you identify. I liked seasons 1-3, didn’t see much of 4 but I need to rewatch from the beginning. I saw a couple of the TV movies and while I don’t tend to like the musical heavy segments as much, it makes sense for the show. As a series I think it’s pretty solid and I really like the messages it presents to viewers about identity, sexuality, and not being afraid to present things as being more gray than black and white. Definitely an important series for the LBTQ+ community, but presented in such a way that I think that shouldn’t stop it from being a great show that can be loved by everybody. **i have not yet seen Steven Universe Future, but i’m excited to see where they are headed
  5. Yeaaa!! Craig of the Creek is great and Jeff Rosenstock doing the music is just fantastic. I love the characters, Kelsey is my middle school spirit animal. Ok KO was really good! I was sad when it ended. Owl house has some involvement with Alex Hirsch. It’s only 4 episodes in but I really like it so far. Good to know i’m not alone in appreciating these things 😃
  6. Her name is Calli. We had to make an emergency move to NorCal when my fiancé got in a car accident that put him out of work. We moved in with his parents and this cat was waiting for us. She is a neighborhood cat that would occasionally stop by and hang out on the porch. During the cold rainy months we didn’t see much of her. A few weeks ago we were walking late at night in the neighborhood and she popped out of some bushes and meowed at us. She proceeded to follow us home and ever since then she has been a regular. She isn’t our cat and we have dogs, but the little garage area we are living in is separate from the main house and she comes in at night to get out of the cold and sleep with us. When we take post dinner walks she will usually pop out from somewhere and “escort us” around until we return home. She walks with us the whole way usually beside us or bringing up the rear. She is the friendliest cat, I think she is a sign of good things to come.
  7. They are good doggies, I gave them each a gentle smooch just for you. Our snake is a Columbian Red-tailed Boa, he is male and his name is Noodles. He is incredibly tame and during the warm months he will fall asleep on your lap. He’s about 5ft and 6-7 years old. What kind of snake do you have?? I used to be really into reptile keeping and had 5 + snakes at one point when I worked as a foster/rescue.
  8. My name is Sydney, she/her is just fine. From Huntington Beach, CA—living in Northern California now. 1) I’m in school to get my veterinary technician license and have worked with a lot of different animals. I met my fiancé working at Petco and we have a lot of pets. Never met an animal I didn’t like. 2) It’s such an exciting time in children’s cartoons rn with this kind of societal push for more diversity and greater depth of characters and development. I especially love the trend rn of strong female leads in fantasy/adventure. It’s everything I wanted as a kid: Gravity Falls, Owl House, Infinity Train, Amphibia, Craig of the Creek, all great shows I will fight you on this. I nerd out about this kind of stuff. 3) Cats follow me and my fiancé when we take late night walks. I’m not sure why this keeps happening. We had to walk home from a restaurant and get in our car to trick the cat: he tried to walk with us to get burgers and was about to cross a busy street. His name was Morochi and he waltzed into our home randomly and would steal my hair ties. Here are some friends in lieu of my photo:
  9. I just had a dream in which I had a killjoy jacket that was made up of all of the jackets I've seen the guys wearing on the tour. Weird? Yes. Do I still want one? Yes.

  10. haha it's all good man, I'm glad I rewatched them :D

  11. bahaha, yeah, I've gotten a lot of confused love/hate comments about that. I've been meaning to re-watch s1-3, but I never have the time.

  12. I just thought you'd like to know that every time I see something that's posted by you I flashback to my saturday morning cartoon days and remember how awesome digimon tamers (and all previous digimon series) were and get the urge to watch them. Well, I said I'd just watch one. I'm now on episode 34. I don't know if I should thank or curse you for making momentai the new philosophy of my life.


  14. TOMORROW. Tomorrow is the day!!!!

  15. I just spent 2 hours planning out how I would ride shuttles and trains from Huntington Beach to West Hollywood to get to the show May 27th so that I'd have a failsafe. Oh the things I do for My Chemical Romance!

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