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  1. I just had a dream in which I had a killjoy jacket that was made up of all of the jackets I've seen the guys wearing on the tour. Weird? Yes. Do I still want one? Yes.

  2. haha it's all good man, I'm glad I rewatched them :D

  3. bahaha, yeah, I've gotten a lot of confused love/hate comments about that. I've been meaning to re-watch s1-3, but I never have the time.

  4. I just thought you'd like to know that every time I see something that's posted by you I flashback to my saturday morning cartoon days and remember how awesome digimon tamers (and all previous digimon series) were and get the urge to watch them. Well, I said I'd just watch one. I'm now on episode 34. I don't know if I should thank or curse you for making momentai the new philosophy of my life.


  6. TOMORROW. Tomorrow is the day!!!!

  7. I just spent 2 hours planning out how I would ride shuttles and trains from Huntington Beach to West Hollywood to get to the show May 27th so that I'd have a failsafe. Oh the things I do for My Chemical Romance!

  8. thanks for wacthing!!! The MCRmy Peru did it and the Ray reply to us on twitter , it was pretty amazing!!!!!! We are so happy that people love the video. :):):):):) so thanks thanks thanks. chemical hugs!

  9. oh my gosh I was browsing an old thread and I saw the video in your sig, that was amazing! It went perfectly with the song and I think it really captured what my chem is all about and much more...just wanted to say thank you for sharing that :)

  10. killjoy easter eggs ftw!

  11. Sweet! Glad you got them. :)

  12. I couldn't take a picture today but I got your buttons in the mail and they're pretty sick!

  13. Oh gawd that is a scary thought...

  14. True true, I better keep things on the down low...I didn't realize they might have spies here :/

  15. SHHHHHHHH you dont want the daily mail starting MCRmy world domination rumors!!!!!! hehe

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