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  1. back again, for awhile

  2. You sir,are lucky. I am obsessed with Joan Jett. I haven't been to many, because i live in a country where not a lot of concerts come.. Been to: Eyes Set to kill Going to: Suicide silence (possibly) Alesana
  3. Guess who's back... for awhile

  4. Yeah, i kinda miss the whole killjoy thing :)

    I just thought i was spending too much time on this and obsessed with MCR (Too the max). It's not that bad anymore, but i still love the fan-base to death.

    So, i went and got a life, went to gigs, had fun, discovered things and now i'm just back here in the zones again.



    Sorry for the really late reply i don't go on as often as i used to. If you have Tumblr, i can give you my Tumblr?


    1. Mellifluous Apocalypse

      Mellifluous Apocalypse

      HAHA my feelings right now as my mom tells me to go to bed.

    2. Mellifluous Apocalypse

      Mellifluous Apocalypse

      HAHA my feelings right now as my mom tells me to go to bed.

  7. Crimson and clover.

  8. So, am i allowed to love you or am i messed up for doing so? I swear i'm going way to crazy over you. But i hardly know you.

  9. Lets keep our fingers crossed that atleast they'll do that on 2012. 2011 they're touring Europe.

  10. I hope so too, i'd probably get the most expensive ticket just to see them up close and cry when i see them xD

    If i met them i swear i would like cry so bad.

  11. Yeah i do :(

    Greenday came last year and i couldn't go i'm still sobbing to my parents about that. Have they been to the Philippines?

  12. Asian killjoys FTW <3

    They haven't no :(

  13. All the killjoys look so good <3

  14. How can people think Justin Bieber is sexy? He's looks 10. Not a hater, just don't get it.

    1. BurningStar
    2. Jetset_Killjoy


      Yeah i know, and he sounds 10 as well HAHA

    3. BurningStar
  15. MTV world stage!! MCR is on right now :D

  16. Hey :)

    Yeahh, I'm pretty bored too. Hows it goin?

  17. http://www.the-top-t...arists-ever.asp Guys go vote for Frankie or Ray Frank is number 42, Ray is number 76
  18. Its going fine :)

    MCR is losing in the fuse poll though /:

    You live in the Philippines right? I'm in Thailand :D

  19. Wow, #SINGitfosniper is trending, I can't describe how proud i am.

  20. I showed my friend MSI and now she thinks im crazy xD

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    2. BurningStar


      Hahahaha, I kinda like MSI : So i was kinda disappointed. But i admit they are kinda crazy xD

    3. nightmare_child


      when i told my mate to lisen to the she said they were "disturbing" :P

    4. BurningStar


      Hahahha, They just don't just us do they? :P

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